Changing WhatsApp number that is no longer active

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Changing WhatsApp number
Changing WhatsApp number

OPTICXCESS — Changing WhatsApp number that is no longer active

WhatsApp can still be used even though the number in it is no longer active, but if at any time our cellphone has an error which makes us have to reset again, all WhatsApp chats will be lost because we cannot log in with that number.

Why can’t I log in with a number that is no longer active? Obviously, you can’t, because when you log in, WhatsApp will send a verification code via SMS to the number used, if the number is inactive, how do you want to receive an SMS? Yes, you can’t.

so to prevent our thousands of chats, including chats about work, important info, or other conversations that we want to keep from being lost, then the number that is no longer active should be replaced with a new one.

Fortunately, WhatsApp has provided a feature to change numbers, and the method is also very easy. It only takes a few steps. On this occasion I will show you how.

Changing WhatsApp number

Make sure the new number is active

The first step is to activate the new replacement number. Currently, the prime number must be activated first using the NIK KTP and KK, first activate the number. You can use the SIM 2 slot or if you don’t have it, you can use another cellphone. In essence, the number must be active and can receive verification SMS.

Open the WhatsApp application then enter Settings

Changing WhatsApp number

The second step is to open the WhatsApp application then tap the dot icon in the top right corner> select Settings.

Select Account

Changing WhatsApp number

After entering the WA Settings menu, you will see several options> tap on the Account option.

Select Change number

Changing WhatsApp number

In the Account settings, we can manage various things from Privacy, Security, to deleting accounts. To change the old WhatsApp number, tap on the Change number option.

Select Next

Changing WhatsApp number

Then the information will appear “Changing the WhatsApp number will move all account information, groups, and settings. Before changing the number, make sure the new number can receive SMS or verification calls. If you have a new number and a new cellphone, then first change the number on the old cellphone. “

Replace old numbers with new ones

Enter the old number in the Old phone number field. Enter the new number in the New phone number field. Tap NEXT. Then continue until the process is complete.

If you want to move your WhatsApp account to a new cellphone, don’t forget to back up your chats, media, and contacts first. The goal is that later on our new cellphone we can return all existing chats again.

Here’s how

After making a backup and changing the number, we can safely move it to a new cellphone.

That’s an easy way to replace an inactive WhatsApp number with a new number. I hope this helps.