How to display operator names at MIUI 10?

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How to display operator names
How to display operator names

OPTICXCESS — How to display operator names at MIUI 10?

After upgrading to MIUI 10, many users are confused to find the location of the settings to display the operator name in the smartphone status bar. Then, where is the arrangement located?

Like Google, which always improves the Android system by launching a new Android version, Xiaomi is also very diligent in launching updates for its special system, MIUI.

How to display operator names at MIUI 10?

As the most recent system, the electronics company from the Bamboo Curtain country, officially launched MIUI 10 to provide various kinds of improvements and improvements to each device that supports it.

More specifically, MIUI 10 offers better performance, more efficient battery consumption, newer designs, improved features, and various other enhancements.

But unfortunately, despite getting a significant increase, the operating system that is also offered to old Xiaomi devices also has some disadvantages. In addition to being more aggressive in displaying advertisements, the absence of operator name settings in the notification bar is also an issue for some users.

How Do You Display Operator Names at MIUI 10?

Unlike MIUI 9 which provides a setting to display the operator name in the status bar, MIUI 10 is not equipped with this specific setting. Or in short, users cannot put the operator name on the status bar.

Xiaomi itself did not reveal exactly why this was done, but some MI Forum users argued that this was because MIUI 10 was adapted to most Xiaomi devices, which had begun using screen bangs.

The good news, even though the settings for the status bar are removed, users can still use the operator name specifically in the status bar on the lock screen. Even though it is still the same as MIUI 9, they are also allowed to change their name according to the user’s wishes.

In this case, the user only needs to enter the Settings section of his device. After that, they can choose the Notifications & status bar option. Then the user can activate Show carrier when the device is locked. Or to change the name, the user can choose Edit carrier name.

Meanwhile, even now Xiaomi is developing MIUI 11, which will be a unique and new operating system. Hopefully, through this new system, they will restore the operator’s name settings, considering that the future devices are dominated by screens that are completely full without bangs.

That is How to display operator names at MIUI 10. Hope can help.

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