How to Download WhatsApp Status

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Download WhatsApp Status

OPTICXCESSHow to Download WhatsApp Status

Have you ever experienced while looking at your Whatsapp story status whether it’s a photo or video and then you want to save it on your cellphone? Take it easy, there are various ways to download the status of WhatsApp story from without an application to using the application assistance.

By downloading the status story photo or video WhatsApp a friend in your Whatsapp contact. Then you can save Whatsapp status stories so they are stored in your own cellphone gallery without worrying about missing.

Because the status story on Whatsapp is almost the same as in the social media story features in general such as Instagram and Facebook. Whatsapp’s story will end in a 24 hour period.

Here are some ways to download Whatsapp status stories from without using the application to using the application in Play Store.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Application

1. Through the File Manager

Via File Manager
Via File Manager

The first way that you can use to save photos and videos from a story status WhatsApp is to simply use the default file manager for your Android HP.

How to save videos & photos from WhatsApp status without application:

  • Open the file manager application on your android phone.
  • Enter internal storage.
  • Then go to the Whatsapp folder.
  • Go to the media folder then select the .statuses folder.
  • There will appear all caches of the status of photos and video stories.
  • Select and move the status story which you want.

By moving it out of the Whatsapp folder, the Whatsapp story status of photos and videos will be detected in your gallery. In addition, the photo or video file will still be available in your storage even after 24 hours have passed.

2. How to Download Whatsapp Stories on Xiaomi

Download Whatsapp Stories on Xiaomi

If you are a Xiaomi smartphone, then you can download Whatsapp status stories easier and faster. Please follow the guide on how to download videos and photos of the following WhatsApp status:

  • Enter the File Manager application on your Xiaomi mobile.
  • Then select the Whatsapp icon.
  • You will be directed to the Whatsapp data file.
  • Tap on the down arrow icon to enter the cache file.
  • There are all the photos and videos of your friends’ WhatsApp status stories.
  • Press the down arrow icon in the bottom corner of the video or photo.
  • Video status or photo status will automatically download.
  • To see Whatsapp story status downloads, go to the Downloads menu tab.

File manager application from Xiaomi is very useful for downloading photos, images, and videos from Whatsapp status stories. Enough with a few steps, you have successfully saved WhatsApp status from your contacts.

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Download WhatsApp Status Application

1. Status Downloader for Whatsapp

Status Downloader for Whatsapp

This 4MB application turned out to be able to save WhatsApp story status whether it be photos or videos. Because of its small size, this application is very lightweight and suitable as a tool to help you download stories on WhatsApp.

This application provides simple navigation so that it makes it easier for you to use it. In addition, this application is free and you can search through Google Playstore and have proven effective for downloading videos and photos of your friends’ WhatsApp stories.

2. How to Download WhatsApp Stories in the Status Saver

How to Download WhatsApp Stories in the Status Saver

The second application is quite popular as a tool that can help you to take photos or videos from WhatsApp status stories. In fact, this application can be used to download status from WhatsApp business.

How to use it is also very easy, first just specify the WhatsApp story of the contact you want to save. Then open the status saver application then press the Save button on the WhatsApp status you want.

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3. Download WhatsApp Status on Whatsave


Whatsave is one application that is often used to download status photos and videos from WhatsApp. This application is quite lightweight because it only measures 4MB.

The display provided is very simple but provides a very powerful function for storing your friends’ WhatsApp status in your WhatsApp contacts.

Similarly, the article about how to Download WhatsApp Status pictures or videos of other people on an Android phone. Determine which is the most effective way to save WhatsApp stories, whether using an application or without an application.