How to Hard Reset Realme Narzo (RMX2001)

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How to Hard Reset Realme Narzo (RMX2001)

OPTICXCESS — How to Hard Reset Realme Narzo (RMX2001)

Hard Reset Realme Narzo (RMX2001) can be the right solution to solve hangs, errors, crashes that occur on your device. Everything you can do easily if you already know the steps.

Especially if it’s only a minor problem that might only be fixed in this way. Sometimes, every problem that occurs on the device is also different. It depends on what the previous cause was.

Hard Reset Realme Narzo

So for those of you who have just bought this smartphone, you can learn about how to hard reset Realme Narzo. This is an action to restore factory settings and restart the system.

You can do this quickly because it only takes a few minutes. It’s different from updating software using official firmware. This method requires a support file that you must prepare first.

Each corrective action has its own way and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of the several steps that can be taken, only by resetting factory data is the easiest solution. Apart from that, you may need some knowledge of your own.

How to hard reset Realme Narzo is the second tip I recommend for you. This is very good results and can make your smartphone back to normal. If before, it wouldn’t happen again.

However, this action cannot help you to solve forgot pattern (Pattern Unlock) or forgot Realme Narzo password. How to solve this problem, you can do flashing using the Tool. You will also need firmware setup and computer support.

That is if you have one. If you don’t have the equipment yourself, you can bring your smartphone to the nearest counter so you can be helped. The hard reset method for Realme Narzo that I have described may at least be additional.

The rest is of course for data wiping solutions and clearing cache that has accumulated on your device’s internal memory. To find out more about these tips, you can see down below.

How to Hard Reset Realme Narzo (RMX2001)

Step 1: Turn off your smartphone first by pressing Power then sliding down the screen to make it completely off. Also, make sure that about 50% or more of the battery charge remains before starting this activity.

Step 2: Now you restart your smartphone by pressing the Volume Down and Power button then hold it for a few seconds.

Step 3: Soon the smartphone will display a menu for selecting the language. In this section, you can press the Volume button for navigation and the Power button to confirm.

Step 4: You can select the English language to continue. You will see a new menu on your screen that is ColorOS Recovery as shown below.


Step 5: You can select Wipe data as an advanced command. Next, you can tap Wipe data (Keep, SMS, Contact, and Photos) that appear on your device screen.

Step 6: Confirm OK to start wiping data or data format command. Wait until it says Wiped successful appears on the screen then confirm okay.

Step 7: You can select REBOOT and let your smartphone restart for a few minutes.

Congratulations! You have actually succeeded in following my instructions for how to hard reset Realme Narzo via recovery mode. This is only the beginning because the purpose of this step is to restart the system.

Now you can see your device looks like new and all the settings are back to normal. You can start to make your device connected to internet data services using your SIM card or it can be via a WiFi network.

Then you can log in with your previous email account that you have activated on that device. It is very important that you can log in because without an account, you will not be able to enter the system menu.

Those are our tips on how to hard reset Realme Narzo as part of recovering the device from an existing problem. Hopefully, this can be useful for all of you, the latest smartphone users. Take good care of your device so that the problems that happened before do not appear again.