Easy Way How to Hard Reset Vivo Y20 (PD2034F)

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Easy Way How to Hard Reset Vivo Y20 (PD2034F)

OPTICXCESS – How to Hard Reset Vivo Y20 (PD2034F)

How to Hard Reset Vivo Y20 (PD2034F) can be the right solution to restore factory settings. This also helps overcome hangs, errors, and maybe just stuck on the logo. Everything you can solve easily if you are already know-how.

Well, for you smartphone users, you need to learn about tips that are very useful for yourself. Moreover, you can also be confident when the device has problems. That’s because you already know the solution. How to hard reset Vivo Y20 is the recommended method for all users.

Hard Reset Vivo Y20

Including those of you who recently bought this Vivo smartphone and not long ago. Even if your device carries very high-tech specifications, there are places where you cannot know what will happen.

Therefore, you can understand more about what you need to do to overcome it all. In terms of specifications, the Vivo Y20 is not an ordinary smartphone. He prefers his shirt to attract lots of buyers.

This smartphone also runs the latest Android operating system which is certainly more stable. You can see all the features in full and you can use all of them.

Back again to the tips on how to hard reset Vivo Y20. The thing you need to do when you want to start the flashing or software update stage is wiping data. This will clean all data including cache stored on your device memory.

When all is cleared up, installing the firmware will be much easier and there will be no risk you will get. Besides, if you intend to sell your device for trading purposes, your stored data will not be leftover. It will be cleaned after wiping it.

All of which you can feel calmly. Apart from that, you can also update right away if you really want this stage. Firmware updates are steps that can help increase security and improve system stability.

For how to hard reset Vivo Y20 itself, you can start this action very simply. Through this page, I will provide you with an explanation of the stages for a hard reset. Hopefully, with these steps, you can understand and successfully reset your device.

Here’s How to Hard Reset Vivo Y20 (PD2034F)

Step 1: Charge your smartphone battery until it has over 50% charge. Pay attention to this first before resetting your smartphone back to the beginning.

Step 2: After sufficient battery power, turn off your smartphone until completely off.

Step 3: Turn it on again by pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Up button simultaneously for a few seconds. Wait for the Vivo logo to appear and enter Fastboot mode.

Step 4: Please select Recovery Mode by pressing the Volume Down button and selecting by pressing the Power button.

Hard Reset Vivo Y20 recovery

Step 5: After entering the Vivo recovery menu like the example above, just select Wipe data.

Step 6: Select Wipe cache partition then Wipe data again and enter the screen lock password (Pattern Unlock).

Step 7: You wait for the process to say complete or successful.

Step 8: If wiping data is complete, please tap Reboot system now.

Congratulations! You have successfully factory reset your device and it is loading now. Through the hard reset Vivo Y20 method, you have repaired your device from existing problems.

Maybe when he has problems hangs, errors, and you see the smartphone has a boot loop. You can take this as a lesson so that later you can repeat the stages.

However, you also have to be able to keep your device optimal. If you do this well, all the problems will never exist and you can be more about using the smartphone in your activities.

Those are my latest tips on how to hard reset Vivo Y20 to overcome various things and the right solution for this smartphone. If these tips are of use to you, don’t forget to share them with other friends. With this, you can help them fix their smartphone by themselves.