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Increase Smartphone Performance By Removing App

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OPTICXCESS — How to Increase Smartphone Performance By Removing Applications

The sophistication of the current application does have a significant impact, whether it is useful for us, or even causes losses for ourselves. Now there are some applications that we don’t really need, and these applications only make your smartphone even slower.

Increase Smartphone Performance

What application is that? And will remove the application to make the smartphone run smoothly? Okay, let’s discuss it one by one here.

How to Increase Smartphone Performance By Removing Applications

Remove Apps that claim to save RAM

For those of you who believe that there are third-party applications that can save RAM, you shouldn’t believe that description. Your smartphone is equipped with its own troubleshooting, and if you really need to save RAM, they will delete any traces of data or cache from apps that are never used automatically.

Worse, many Android users trust third-party applications, which describe that their application can save RAM on a smartphone.

They claim that if you save RAM, it will boost your smartphone, which makes the problem even bigger. This RAM saver application forces other applications to close (force close), and this if the application is forced to force close it will consume a lot of power which will make your battery wasteful.

Worse, this happens continuously even though your smartphone is inactive, you could say this application can make your smartphone battery last longer.

Uninstall Clean Master (or similar)

I’ve discussed this before, but just to remind Clean Master it does work but its nature is almost similar to the RAM saver application above. This application has never been friendly with smartphone batteries, and also the many ads in it will make your data package leak. Same as the explanation above.

Android has its own system that can get rid of all kinds of “junk” in it, so you no longer need to install Clean Master or similar applications to your smartphone.

Uninstall Facebook

According to the Cambridge Analytical Scandal, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has a very heavy application, indeed Facebook recently has a lot of problems in it, making their application even heavier. If Facebook is important to you, how come you can install the Facebook Lite application which offers a lighter version of Facebook.

There are many complaints about Facebook, ranging from excessive RAM consumption, remaining active even though the smartphone is not used, the worst part is consuming a very large quota. Therefore, it is recommended that your Facebook application be removed.

Uninstall Third Party Battery Savers Apps

Just like RAM saver and Clean Master applications, the Battery Savers application (similar) is indeed an application that you really have to remove. The descriptions they wrote about saving the battery by up to a few percent were all just marketing tricks.

In fact, this application is not very useful, and in fact, there have been several cases that an application like this is a scamming application that is specifically for spy-ing your important data, including e-mail and all kinds.

Alternatively, Android itself has made their version of the battery saver application, and it’s already embedded in your smartphone. The battery saver will send an interrupt signal if your battery is below 20%, this feature is the best and most suitable for your smartphone

So what do you think? You can apply this method to increase the performance of your smartphone. And proven to be able to improve the performance. If you think the method above is not optimal, just reinstall the deleted application again. Done !!!

Or maybe you need to add to the list of apps that need to be uninstalled again .. Maybe you have entered any application that deserves to be uninstalled?

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