How to install HP Printer Assistant

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HP Printer Assistant
HP Printer Assistant

OPTICXCESS — How to install HP Printer Assistant

If you have an HP branded printer, then you may already know or at least have heard of the HP Printer Assistant. This HP branded printer software is designed to help users print documents from HP printers more easily.

Software Assistant for this printer is highly recommended for users or owners of HP brand printing machines, because there are several kinds of settings and other printer features that can be obtained through using this software compared to not using it. Therefore, the following is a description of how to install the software.

How to install HP Printer Assistant

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What is HP Printer Assistant

As previously mentioned, the Assistant software for HP printers is software that is used as a device assistant for various HP models. Generally, it will be installed automatically when you have successfully connected the printer to a Windows 10 based laptop. However, usually for other PC versions, this software does not install automatically. You may be able to do this by installing from the printer’s built-in installation CD or you can also download it from the official HP site.

How to Install HP Printer Assistant

Before doing the installation, you need to check first whether this software has been installed automatically or not on your PC. The method of checking can be by entering the Windows menu on a PC, then doing a search according to the name of this software. If it doesn’t appear, it means you have to do the install process manually. As for the steps.

How to easily install the HP Printer Assistant on a PC

Download the HP Printer Assistant Driver

Open a browser on the PC, then visit the following link to download it first. Don’t forget to choose your printer model and select Download.

Driver Installation

After the download is complete, please do the installation process as usual. Installation is recommended to select the Recommended installation option in order to get the full features of the software.

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If the entire installation process has been completed, then you can immediately try using this assistant software. The array of features in it can make printing activities easier for you to do. As an initial introduction, there are 2 main features in this HP Printer Assistant, namely the Print feature and the Scan feature. However, apart from these two features, if your printer supports faxing, you can also get the fax feature in the Printer Assistant software.

The main view of this software will show you various kinds of diagnostics, such as printer connectivity to a laptop and the internet, ink level detection, and other diagnostic features which also depend on the function of the printer model connected to your PC.