How to Install Office 365 on Windows 10

How to Install Office 365 on Windows 10

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OPTICXCESS — How to Install Office 365 on Windows 10

There are still many who don’t know how to install Office 365 on Windows 10. So far, office applications from Microsoft have standalone installers that can be installed with one click offline.

Now, how to install Office 365 is a bit different because we will only be given an online installer file that requires an internet connection. We will discuss how in this post, but first, consider the following information that you may need to know below.

Office 365 is an office service from Microsoft that is supported by cloud computing technology. By using Office 365 we can do many collaborative activities with teams, friends, or colleagues online via the cloud network provided by Microsoft.

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In the Office 365 application there are also office programs that we have used so far, such as Excel, Word, and Power Point. All functions are the same, it’s just that there are a few additions in terms of features and appearance.

Is Office 365 free?

Not. The Office 365 application is a paid application, to be able to use it on a PC or laptop we have to pay for it with a subscription system.

How do I get Office 365?

To get Office 365 applications we can go directly to the Microsoft site, open the product page and go to the Office 365 section. You need a credit card to make purchases.

For a 1 year subscription, we will be charged a certain fee for a personal license that can be used on 1 PC. This plan is the most suitable if you plan to use Office 365 for your own work, but if you plan to use it for a team then you can choose a business plan that can be installed on multiple computers.

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Which version is right for me?

Before we discuss how to install Office 365 on Windows 10, you must first determine which plan is the most appropriate for you to choose. If you plan to use Office 365 for personal purposes, you can choose the Office 365 Personal package, which is much cheaper than other packages.

But if you use it to work with your team then you can choose the Office 365 Business plan or Office 365 Business Premium if you have more needs. You just have to choose which package provides the features you need most.

How to Install Office 365 on Windows 10

First, you have to make a payment on the Microsoft page according to the package you choose. You need a Microsoft account and credit card to make payments. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, please create one first.

You can choose a package via this page: Office 365 Package Options

After making the payment, you will go to the dashboard, from there, select the download menu for Office 365 installer. This installer file is small, only about 7 MB.

After the file is finished downloading, immediately run it with a double click, make sure your computer is connected to the internet because the Office 365 install process is done online.

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Later the question will appear “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?” select Yes. The install process will start automatically. Just wait until the install process is complete.

How to Install Office 365

During the process of installing Office 365, your computer must not be disconnected from the internet, because if it is interrupted the installation process will fail. Later after the installation process is complete a window will appear as shown below:

How to Install Office 365

After Office 365 has been successfully installed on your Windows 10, the first step that must be done is to open the application and log in with the Microsoft account that was used to buy. After that the Office 365 application and all of its features are ready to use.

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