How to Install uGet on Linux (Alternative IDM)

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How to Install uGet on Linux (Alternative IDM)

OPTICXCESS — How to Install uGet Latest Version on Linux (Alternative IDM)

Maybe those of you who are just switching to Linux will find it difficult to choose the fastest, stable, and reliable download manager. Moreover, popular download managers for Windows such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) are not available for Linux users.

Meanwhile, veteran linux users might use applications like wget or aria2 which run in the terminal and both of these applications do work amazingly. Both offer many download features and also resume support.

And they have also been around Linux for a long time, so they are already trusted by many users. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find other download managers besides the two that have the same or even better quality.

There are many download manager options for Linux out there, but for the best download manager in terms of appearance and features, the choice would be uGet.

uGet is released for free and until now the developer is still active to continue to provide updates on uGet so that users of uGet on Linux can be satisfied.

Install the uGet on Linux

There are various key features in uGet such as:

  • Auto Catch URL From Clipboard, uGet will automatically download the file from the URL that you copied earlier.
  • Resume downloads make it easier for you to pause the download process for a while and can continue when you want.
  • Download queue, this feature functions to download a large number of files, but you can download them one by one so as not to interfere with other download processes.
  • Speed ​​Limit, this feature serves to limit the download speed, suitable for those of you who have connections that are used by many people.
  • Multi Connection, one of the excellent features of uGet that IDM has, this feature can make multiple connections in one of your download files.

In addition, uGet also supports torrents and magnet links, which means you don’t need another application to download torrent files. And there are many other features that you can read for yourself on the official uGet website, which is

How to Install the Latest Version of uGet on Linux (Alternative IDM)

How to install the latest version of uGet is not difficult, if you have an Arch Linux operating system, chances are uGet has been installed automatically.

But if you have other Linux distributions like Ubuntu, then you have to add a third party PPA (repository) and it’s very easy.

How to install uGet on Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint or Elementary OS

First open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) then type the following command to add PPA.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: plushuang-tw / uget-stable

Enter the passwod, it looks like you didn’t type anything, but actually the password has been typed but is hidden by the system, when it’s finished press Enter.

Type the following command again:

sudo apt-get update

Then install uGet with the command:

sudo apt-get install uget

Then install aria2:

sudo apt-get install aria2

Installing aria2 is actually only optional, uGet can still run without aria2, but if you pair it with aria2, then you will get the true “power” of uGet.

How to install uGet on Linux Debian

At the moment, the latest version of uGet is not yet available for Debian, but the developer says that a new version is coming soon for Debian.

sudo apt update

Then install uGet:

sudo apt install uget

How to install uGet on Linux Fedora

To install uGet on Fedora, just type the following command:

sudo yum install uget

How to install uGet on Arch Linux

To install uGet on Arch Linux, simply type the following command:

sudo pacman -S uget

Maybe some of you don’t really need a download manager application.

And indeed on several occasions, the speed of the download manager application is almost the same or even the same as the download manager from the browser.

However, when using uGet, we missed one feature of IDM, namely the option to automatically shutdown after the download is complete.

But if you download a file with a large size, of course this download manager will be needed because of the download resume feature.

But don’t forget to always scan for viruses with Linux AntiVirus before starting to open your files.