How to Mine Free Bitcoin with a PC for Beginners

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Mine Free Bitcoin
Mine Free Bitcoin

OPTICXCESS — How to Mine Free Bitcoin with a PC for Beginners

How to Mine Bitcoin with a Free PC for Beginners – Who says mining Bitcoin must use high PC specifications? It turns out that those of you who only have PC specs can also mine bitcoin. The proof is that I am still doing mining using a PC that has mediocre specs, namely using an Intel Core i5 brand laptop, 4GB RAM and only standard or default graphics installed.

Yes, everyone certainly knows that to mine bitcoin, in general, you have to use a God spec PC. If we want to get maximum results from mining, we also have to be ready to prepare a PC with high specifications. If our PC spec is mediocre, it means the results are also mediocre. So many people do not recommend to mine bitcoin with a PC spec below.

How to Mine Free Bitcoin

The question that often arises in the minds of new miners who are new to mining bitcoin, what happens if we mine using a PC spec below? Then what will the results be, satisfying or not? I’ll answer it. Remember, I am not the master, but I want to share my experience here as long as I do mining with PC specs just barely or can be called a low spec.

How to Mine Free Bitcoin with a PC

Effects on PC / Laptop

When we do mining, our laptop will work hard. This can make the laptop become hot faster and wasteful of energy. Because what we usually use laptops is only for internet, typing, listening to music that is not too draining or makes a laptop hot, if we do mining then in just a few minutes your laptop will get very hot.

Not infrequently, if your laptop only has a standard built-in fan, it will experience an overheat, so the laptop will suddenly experience sudden death. It is like, if you are a video editor or filmmaker, as long as you are mining for that long, you are also rendering a video or movie on your laptop. You can imagine the sound of your processor fan going to increase 2x than usual.

Well, the above was my experience using an HP brand laptop with core 15 spec and 4Gb ram. I sometimes have to turn on my laptop again after overheating by waiting a while until the laptop has cooled down. Therefore, I can’t imagine if you use a laptop or PC under the spec of my laptop.

If you currently have laptop specifications such as Celeron processor, ram below 4, and only have standard graphics, I strongly don’t recommend mining. If you still persist in wanting to keep mining with specs taken, then you have to be prepared for the risk then. Ready for the laptop to overheat and ready if the laptop dies suddenly.

Talk of Revenue

Now the above is an explanation of the effects that will be caused if you use a standard PC. Now, let’s talk about revenue from mining bitcoin using a standard PC or low spec.

Above is the amount of income I mine using the browser crypto tab on my laptop for 3 days non-stop. You pay close attention to the part I numbered.

Number 1: is the mining speed. The more you raise, the faster it will mine and the more wasteful and fast heat your laptop will be.

Number 2: Is the amount of your current income that has been collected. You can see how many Free Bitcoin you have got right now and below that you can also see how many dollars have been collected from the conversion of BTC to USD dollars. There it is seen that the current income is 0.000000476148 BTC or if it is changed to dollars it is $ 0.0024.

Number 3: Is the amount of your affiliate income because of inviting people. The more people you invite through the links that you share them, then you will get a bonus from every percent mining activity they get.

Time to Count

Now, let’s count. Now I ask you to pay close attention to number 2, which is the current amount of income. As I said earlier, this is mining for 3 days. 3 new days generate $ 0.0024? Crazy, when will it be !? Surely among you, there must be someone who thinks like that. Well, then I just want to say, yes it is like that. Because we are mining using a PC spec below. Now the question is, is that equivalent to the hard work of your laptop / pc? Well, it’s non-stop, your laptop without rest. Imagine ??? You can only make one dollar after I have calculated that you will have been mining for 1250 days. Wtf ???? I still want to mine with a low spec laptop ?? Better think again.


Now it’s understood why the senior miners don’t advise you to mine on your own PC? Yes … the answer is because mining using your own PC with a spec is barely enough to make a profit. In fact, our laptop is damaged due to nonstop and often hot. So if you look at mining companies they have a PC with a different model than most PCs. Because the PC they are using is indeed a PC for mining that has the above specifications. So it’s not surprising that many say that mining using your own PC can cause the PC to explode. And that is indeed a fact. PC works and fast heat is actually not a problem, the important thing is the results are also satisfactory. But, if it only heats the PC without getting anything and only makes our PC hang? It’s better not to.

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