Easy Way How to Reduce PDF Pages, Cut and Delete 2020

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Easy Way How to Cut, Delete and Reduce PDF Pages 2020
Easy Way How to Cut, Delete and Reduce PDF Pages 2020

OPTICXCESSEasy Way How to Reduce PDF Pages, Cut and Delete 2020

Documents in PDF format can not be directly edited just like that, we need the help of special applications to be able to do it. For example, cutting too many PDF pages or deleting certain pages to make the file size lighter.

Unfortunately, the PDF reader application that is often used like Foxit or Adobe reader does not have this feature. Then how can we reduce PDF pages and make them a new file that is smaller in size with only the number of pages we need.

In this post, techno-centric will share an easy way that you can try. We will use methods that can be done online and offline with free applications. We can use a PC or laptop or an android phone.

How to cut and delete PDF pages

The easiest way to cut a PDF page is to use the iLovePDF application.

iLovePDF is one of my favorite applications for editing PDF files. This application has quite complete features ranging from compressing, combining, to deleting certain PDF pages.

Currently, the iLovePDF application can be used online (without install) by accessing the web, and offline by installing the application on Windows or on an android phone.

Just adjust the device which you are currently using, if you are using a PC or laptop, I recommend using the website because there is no need to install the application.

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But if you use a cellphone it is easier if you install the android application that can be downloaded from Playstore.

How to Cut, Delete and Reduce PDF Pages

Reduce PDF Pages Using web applications (online) for laptops and PCs

If you use a PC or laptop, then this method is the easiest. No need to install the application again. But the conditions must be an internet connection. Follow the steps below.

  • Open the browser then go to the page https://www.ilovepdf.com/split_pdf
  • Click on Select PDF File
  • Select the PDF file that you want to delete or reduce the page
  • After uploading, look at the menu on the right, enter the range of pages you want to retrieve.
  • Click Split PDF

Using the android application (online) for mobile users

To cut or reduce PDF pages with an android phone, we can use the iLovePDF application which is currently in Playstore.

The application is free and very easy to use. To use this application our cell phone must have an internet connection. Follow the steps below to cut the PDF page on the cellphone:

  • Install the iLovePDF application from Playstore
  • Open the application
  • Select Split PDF
  • Select the PDF file that you want to cut or reduce the page. Can be from the Device (cellphone memory), Google Drive, Drop Box. Select Device to insert PDF files that are on the cellphone
  • Tap on the plus sign icon (+)
  • Select the PDF file that is on the cellphone. After the file enters the application, check the box to the left.
  • Press Next
  • Select Split by ranges
  • Tap Add range> enter page
  • Press Split

Explanation of split features in the iLovePDF application:

Easy Way How to Cut, Delete and Reduce PDF Pages 2020

Split by range: cut PDF files based on specific page ranges.

Extract pages: cut each page into separate files. For example, PDF with 30 pages will become 30 PDF files, each of which consists of 1 page.

Custom ranges: the range of pages that we specify will be processed into new files. For example, we want to take pages 8-16 then the output will be 1 PDF file containing the page.

Fixed ranges: cut all pages based on the specified number. For example, we cut PDF with 30 pages, the fixed range we use is 3, then 10 PDF files will come out, each consisting of 3 pages.

Merge all ranges in one PDF file: to combine the output into 1 file when we use a custom range of more than 1.

Using the Google Chrome browser (Offline)

Cutting and deleting PDF pages offline can also be done with the help of the Google Chrome browser, without other applications.

This trick can be a quick way if your laptop or PC is not having an internet connection, all you need is the Google Chrome browser.


  1. Right-click the PDF file> Open with> Google Chrome. You can also drag and drop PDF files directly to Google Chrome pages.
  2. After the PDF opens in the browser then click the menu (point three) in the upper right corner> Print. You can also press Ctrl + P
  3. In the Destination section, select Save as PDF
  4. In the Pages> select Custom> enter the range of pages that you want to retrieve. Can cut multiple pages at once by using commas. See the image below.
  5. Click Save.
Easy Way How to Cut, Delete and Reduce PDF Pages 2020

Reducing PDF pages using this browser can actually also be done with other browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, I’ve tried both.

But it does have a feature that can cut pages with multiple ranges at once only Google Chrome. So I suggest using Google Chrome only.