How to send PUBG to another cellphone without download

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How to send PUBG to another cellphone
How to send PUBG to another cellphone

OPTICXCESS — How to send PUBG to another cellphone without download

In this article, we will share How to Send PUBG to another cellphone without having to download it. As you know for yourself that to download the PUBG Mobile game, we must be prepared to issue data because of its large size. The results of the last PUBG update have reached 2 GB.

send PUBG to another cellphone

If friends only have the right data plan, I do not recommend that you download it using an ordinary data plan. Unless there is an excess midnight package, maybe we can use the midnight package first but have to wait for midnight to arrive.

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PUBG every time there is the latest update, the size will definitely get bigger. Plus after downloading the app, there is more to download, which is downloading several maps such as the Miramar folder, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Death Match, which can reach 500MB in total.

With a size of that size, I personally think it matches the excitement of the game. People today don’t care about the size of a game that matters the game is really exciting.

Because of the great PUBG game, this game has been downloaded more than 100 million high-end smartphone users. Surprisingly, how many high-end smartphone owners today are. Because to be able to play PUBG at least the cellphone must have a RAM of 2 GB and above.

Okay, I don’t need to stretch it anymore, let’s just show it right then, how to send a PUBG to another cellphone without having to download it. Ethical, but remember, for the folder itself you have to download the manual again. But calm down, it’s only a few MB.

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How to send PUBG to another cellphone without having to download

  • First of all, make sure both the sending cellphone and the recipient of the PUBG game are installed file transfer applications such as Shareit or Files. For example, here we will use an application called Files.
  • Next on the recipient’s cellphone, in the Files application, we open the option to receive files. The trick is to run the application as usual then select Share and tap Accept.
  • Well, as well as on the sending cellphone, we do the same thing, namely activate the Send option.
  • Then the application will detect the recipient’s cellphone. Continue with you tap the name of the recipient’s cellphone to connect the two smartphones.
  • At the recipient’s cellphone, just press Yes to approve connectivity from the sending cellphone.
  • On the sender’s cellphone, look for the PUBG application then click Send. How to open the Apps tab then check PUBG and Send.
  • If the sending process has finished, then you install as usual the PUBG that was just sent. Tap the app directly from the Files application to install.
  • On the sending cellphone, you have to send the file with the obb extension again. The location of the file is in: Internal Storage > Android > obb > com.tencent.ig. After that, send the obb format file to the recipient’s cellphone using the Files application.
  • On the recipient’s cellphone, if the obb file has been successfully received, then copy or move the obb file from the Downloads file into the com.tencent.ig folder (the location is the same as above, namely: Internal Storage > Android > obb > com.tencent.ig).
  • Now for sending Obb files is quite time-consuming. So wait a while until the process is complete. Finally, please run the PUBG game as usual on the menu.

Successfully, now you can play the PUBG game without having to download it in the play store first. So that’s how to send PUBG to another cellphone without having to download, hopefully useful. I say good luck and good luck! Thanks.