This is How to Set Post Schedule on Twitter New Feature

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This is How to Set Post Schedule on Twitter New Feature
This is How to Set Post Schedule on Twitter New Feature

OPTICXCESS — How to Set Post Schedule on Twitter

Twitter continues to bring out the latest features to convince users about the contents of the tweet that will be uploaded (upload) them. This time, the social network pioneered by Jack Dorsey launched the “Schedule” feature.

As the name suggests, Twitter users can now save and schedule tweets they make, to be uploaded automatically at the specified time. This feature is new in the web browser version.

Interestingly, the contents of the tweets can be edited by the user, as long as they have not passed the specified upload deadline.

Previously, tweets written by users would indeed go live and could not be scheduled.

In fact, the tweets cannot be edited, and users must delete their uploads if there is something wrong with their contents.

How to Set Post Schedule on Twitter

Set Post Schedule on Twitter

The features Set Post Schedule on Twitter previously been done through a number of third-party social media management applications, such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and so on.

“Not ready to send a tweet? Now, you can save the tweet into a draft or schedule it to be sent at a specific time,” said the @TwitterSupport account.

How to schedule tweets Later, users can find this feature when they want to write a tweet via the “Compose” page.

On that page, users can click on the “calendar” -like icon located to the right of the “poll” feature icon.

After clicking the icon, the user can set the time and date details, when the twit will be uploaded automatically. When you have finished writing the tweets and set the upload time, click the “Schedule” button.

After that, the user can then view, edit the tweet, or change the time details of the scheduled twit by returning to the “Compose” page and clicking the “Unsent Tweets” button.

The scheduling feature can already be tried by Twitter users in several countries but via the web version of Twitter, both on desktop or mobile devices.

However, Set Post Schedule on Twitter is not yet available in the Twitter application on Android and iOS. It is possible that this feature will be brought by Twitter to the application version in the near future.