How to Turn off Windows 10 Auto Update

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How to turn off Windows 10 Auto Update
How to turn off Windows 10 Auto Update

OPTICXCESS — How to turn off Windows 10 Auto Update

Microsoft forces Windows 10 users to automatically update Windows automatically without giving them the option to easily disable it. This is quite troublesome because, in addition to spending internet quota, the update installation process sometimes takes a long time (when it will turn off the laptop/computer).

Technology info compiles some tips and how to turn off Windows 10 auto update which is very powerful and easy to do. Each step has several conditions, so do the following according to the conditions that you experience.

Stop automatic updates of Windows 10 through the Update service

This method turns off Windows 10 updates, but the disadvantage is that after a certain period of time, automatic updates can be active on their own (not permanent).

How to turn off Windows 10 Auto Update

Press the Windows key + R simultaneously and type services.msc then click OK.

Look for the service with the name Windows Update and double click to open the menu options.

In the Startup type option, select Disable then click Apply or OK to save changes.

How to turn off Windows 10 updates automatically with Group Policy editor (gpedit)

This method can only be done for the Professional version of Windows, Education, Enterprise. So if you use the Windows 10 Home version, you should use other methods in this article.

Press the Windows key + R simultaneously and type gpedit.msc then click OK.

Select Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update

In the Configured Automatic Updates section, change the settings from Not configured to Disable, then click the Apply button or OK to permanently stop Windows 10.

If you occasionally want to update Windows 10 to the latest version, repeat the steps above by replacing it as Enabled.

Turn off automatic updates to Windows 10 with Metered Connection

How to permanently turn off Windows 10 update which is quite effective and not complicated is by setting the Wifi connection to Metered Connection. Open Settings > Network & Internet and click the name of the Wifi connection that is currently connected. Then in the Metered Connection section, Select Set as metered Connection to ON.

The tips above can only be done if the computer is connected to Wifi, and cannot be applied if the laptop is connected to a LAN connection. You also have to repeat the settings above if you switch/have another Wifi connection.

Other tips that are still related to this topic (when using a laptop): if you have already done the update process, but the process is too long and you want to stop the current Windows 10 update. You can temporarily stop the process by closing the laptop lid, but if the process stops for hours you can press the power button for a few seconds to reset.

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