How to Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi Mi 9

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How to Unlock Bootloader Xiaomi Mi 9 — The process of unlocking the Bootloader is very important if you want your Mi 9 cell phone to have root access. Therefore, here I will explain the steps to carry out the process of opening the bootloader. I have also provided an unlock tool that can be downloaded below.

How to UBL (Unlock Bootloader) Xiaomi Mi 9

First, download the driver that has been prepared first, this driver is used to connect the cell phone to the PC. You can download it from here.

Then open the official site to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader and register your account that is used to unlock the Xiaomi Mi 9 bootloader, select Unlock Now in the site.

How to UBL (Unlock Bootloader) Xiaomi Mi 9

Next, you will be asked to log in using your Xiaomi account, if the website is open in Chinese, try scrolling down a bit and clicking English to change it to English.

How to UBL (Unlock Bootloader) Xiaomi Mi 9

Enter email / no. telephone/account ID and password then click Sign in.

After successfully logging in, the Xiaomi will ask some of your identities such as your name and telephone number.

Fill everything with the original data, especially make sure the phone number used and is still active because the verification code to unlock the bootloader Mi 9, your friend will be sent via SMS as well as a link to download the file too.

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Also, fill in the reasons why you want to unlock/unlock the Xiaomi Mi 9 bootloader. The reasons entered are required to use English.

After is done, you must wait until the Xiaomi provides information that you unlock bootloader Xiaomi is approved with an SMS marked containing a link to download Mi Unlock.

If the SMS has been received, then click the link sent via the SMS and Download Mi Unlock.

How to UBL (Unlock Bootloader) Xiaomi Mi 9

After the download is complete, extract the file and open the extract.

Run or double click the file “miflash_unlock” to open Mi Unlock.

Agree to all the requirements that appear on the screen.

After all the terms are approved, then log into the Mi Unlock application using the Mi account that has been registered and approved by the Xiaomi earlier.

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Then the Mi Unlock bootloader application will check whether the account that you entered has been approved or not yet to unlock the Mi 9 bootloader if so, my friend will be directed to the page to unlock.

If you have entered this page, turn off your Xiaomi Mi 9 phone and enter fastboot mode (press and hold the Volume down + Power button).

If you have entered fastboot mode marked with this logo, then immediately release the button and connect your Xiaomi Mi 9 phone to the PC.

The phone will automatically be detected, but if not then wait a few moments or try again to install the USB driver.

Click Unlock if it has been detected and survived, your Xiaomi Mi 9 phone has successfully opened the bootloader.

If you have opened the bootloader from Mi 9, you can be sure that you can now root the Xiaomi Mi 9 or flash the Xiaomi Mi 9.

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That is the way How to UBL (Unlock Bootloader) Xiaomi Mi 9. Find also anything else about How To stuff in OPTICXCESS Blog.

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