How to Upgrade Desktop Processors

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Upgrade Desktop Processors
Upgrade Desktop Processors

OPTICXCESS — How to Upgrade Desktop Processors

How to Upgrade Desktop Processors? Some of us already know how, but there are always new users who need guidance to get started. The point is easy, where some of the main points that we present below can be recommendations before actually buying a new processor.

How to Upgrade Desktop Processors

Curious? Check out the details below.

Here’s How to Upgrade Desktop Processors easly.

How to Upgrade Desktop Processors

Know More Certainly The Motherboard Support Used

Of course, the first step is to know more definitely about the processors that can be supported by the motherboard alias the motherboard that you are currently using. For example, a motherboard with the B450 chipset can still use the latest generation of AMD Ryzen 5000 series processors, provided that you need to update the bios in order to detect it. Or if it is an Intel series, check the support for the processor used by the motherboard chipset you are using, for example the Z490. So Intel 11th gen can still be tablets.

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How to Upgrade Desktop Processors

How do you know? You can visit the official website for the motherboard used, usually on the specifications page, or also check the manual. So, if you want to upgrade an old processor, for example Ryzen 3 2200G to the latest AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor, on the other hand you are still using a B450 motherboard, then the motherboard is still compatible with the Ryzen 5000 series. It’s different with the A320 mobo, where you also need to replace the mobo to a newer option. Because the A320 only supports 2nd generation Ryzen and below.

Adjust Your Needs To The Processor You Want To Upgrade

The processor itself has several classes, and can be adjusted according to user needs. For example, the Ryzen 9 is more towards the enthusiast, a higher choice than the high-end. The number of cores is more, the clockspeed is high, of course, it can really make performance much more effective. But, do you really need a processor with a myriad of cores, even though it’s only for casual gaming activities? I don’t think so, because the choice of an entry-level quad core processor is sufficient.

How to Upgrade Desktop Processors

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So, check the list of processors from 2 popular brands, whether from AMD or Intel with their respective classes. Choose according to your needs and application load that will be used later. Ryzen 3 or Intel Core 3 is usually ideal for casual users with less demanding workloads, although it’s still ok for content creation. Although there are limits. The mid-range series is usually filled with a choice of core i5 or Ryzen 5, while the High-end series is at the Core i7 or Ryzen 7 level.

Adjust the Budget You Have

Then another key factor before you want to Upgrade Desktop Processors is the budget that you have. Don’t force it, but if your budget is limited, on the other hand you are still steadfast. With the establishment of a new, more expensive processor, just save up first.

Check SRP Prices for Benchmarks

Check the SRP (Suggested Retail price) price suggested by the manufacturer. Usually, SRP likes to be different and sometimes it can be more expensive when it is in offline or online stores. Why so? there are taxes, profits for the shop and so on. So that’s normal, but the SRP price can be a benchmark before you buy it. So, there is a range and you can avoid overpriced or overpriced values.

New or Second?

Of course, new choices can be a top priority, but sometimes old choices that have been used can be a definite solution, especially if the price offered is cheaper. It’s just that, there are risks when you want to buy used goods, especially when it comes to a limited warranty. If the performance is relative and what comparisons do you want to make a comparison first. But if you want to buy a used processor, ideally don’t be too old with the most ideal usage, it’s a max of 5 years.

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Why so? sometimes old processors don’t support new technology, or are even more extravagant than newer options. But sometimes it can also be something promising, especially if someone sells the Ryzen 7 2700X, for example, at a much sloping price. Performance is still kicking, in fact it can still compete with new processors.


So, those are some of the keys that you can consider when planning to Upgrade Desktop Processors. Actually, there are still many other factors that we haven’t revealed, but some of the important points cover basic needs. So, hopefully this is useful!