How to Improve PC Performance for Playing Games

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OPTICXCESS – How to Improve PC Performance for Playing Games

Most PC gamers have a problem when their computer cannot meet the demands of the game he is playing. Most gamers experience this problem even when they already have a VGA that is arguably quite tough.

Game specifications are now increasing. With graphics that are very rocky and very comfortable in the eyes of making a PC is required to have high performance. Therefore, improve the performance of your PC to be more optimal for playing games.

How to Improve PC Performance for Playing Games

Computers that experience lag / lagging when used to play games, does not mean your computer is not able to handle it. Simply improve PC performance to be more optimal and can make heavy games run smoothly on your PC.

How to Optimize PC Performance for Playing Games

1. Switch to the Intel Core i7 Processor

Do you have a computer running on an old AMD processor or Intel chip? If you want heavy games to be played on your PC, then you must need the best processor so the game can run smoothly. At this time, there is no other processor that can match the performance of Intel Core i7 when playing games.

Before that, you should think carefully about whether it is more affordable to buy a new PC with a Core i7 processor or compared to an upgraded processor on your old PC. If your computer is mostly filled with obsolete/old hardware, then it’s better to buy a new PC with a Core i7 processor chip in it.

Also, keep in mind that upgrading a processor is a complicated job. Because there are several conditions for the processor to run. The requirements are:

First, the new processor must be able to support all other hardware in the PC.
Second, the processor alone cannot improve PC performance. You need to look at other aspects such as memory and storage too.

2. Upgrade RAM to Improve PC Performance for Games

The more RAM capacity the computer has, the faster it will run heavy games with cool graphics. There are two ways to add RAM to your PC system. You can increase the RAM capacity of the computer itself. Or you can buy a new GPU that comes with dedicated VRAM.

VRAM dedicated takes the workload from the main RAM of the computer. However, the computer as a whole can function and run more smoothly than RAM capacity.

3. Install the SSD to Optimize Playing Games

SSDs have already been tested and proven to run faster than HDDs. Therefore, the recommended SSD is very suitable for gaming computer storage options. Buy an SSD with at least 250GB of internal storage and buy an external HDD for the rest.

Having an SSD on a computer is one of the best ways to increase FPS games when playing on a computer. SSD will also help to eliminate the problem of annoying lag when playing games.

4. Clean Up Storage Regularly

To improve PC performance for playing games, don’t just dwell on hardware. Some things must also be done so that the PC remains optimal when playing games. Start by cleaning the PC disk drive regularly. Delete unneeded files and defragment the disk.

Then, upgrade all the software you are using. Don’t run unnecessary programs in the background. Before starting the game, close all running programs for optimal PC performance and also save PC battery power.

You can use the tips above to improve the performance of your PC without buying a new PC. With a few tips on improving computer performance to play this game, hopefully, it can help to play games to stay smooth.