How to Install Windows 10 Themes for Android Phones

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OPTICXCESS — How to Install Windows 10 Themes for Android Phones Without Root

For those of you who like to tinker with smartphone displays, maybe you want to try the Windows 10 theme on your Android. I’ve tried several launcher applications that allow us to change the appearance of our android to Windows 10 without having to root. And I think I fit the Win 10 Launcher application from Spark Planet.

If you want to try it, you can get it for free from the play store. Just install the application.

How to install Windows 10 themes on an Android phone

  1. Open Playstore then install the Win 10 Launcher application
Install Windows 10 Themes

Just search the Playstore Win 10 Launcher, install the application. The size is not up to 5 MB.

  1. Make Win 10 Launcher the default launcher

When finished installing, return to the main screen. Later which launcher options will appear which we will use. Select Win 10 Launcher, then select Always to make it the default launcher on our android phone.

  1. If successful, the Android display will change like Windows 10
Install Windows 10 Themes

The appearance of our cellphone will change like Windows 10. At the bottom, there is a menu bar, tray icon, and windows button to open the main menu.

  1. Press + hold on an empty area on the main screen to access the desktop menu
Desktop Menu

To access the desktop menu, we just have to press and hold on an empty space on the main screen. On this desktop menu, we can add widgets, launchers (shortcuts), and change the wallpaper.

  1. Customize appearance and launcher on main screen
Local Drive

As usual, we may have to rearrange our most used launchers so they appear on the main screen and change the wallpaper to match. We can also adjust the theme settings via the Settings menu in the main menu: press the Windows key > select the gear icon.

One of the features that I like about the Windows 10 theme of Win 10 Launcher is that the file explorer looks exactly like Windows Explorer. So it looks more familiar, especially for those who deal with computers on a daily basis.

Standard tool bars like copy, cut, paste, rename, and compress are at the top. After I tried it, it turned out that this file explorer was also quite light. The file integration with the opening application is also quite good. So far there are no problems with the file explorer of this theme.

The only downside of this Windows 10 theme for android is that it has annoying ads in the free version.

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