Item Build Zed LoL Wild Rift game

Item Build Zed LoL Wild Rift game

Game League of Legends Wild Rift

OPTICXCESS — Item Build Zed LoL Wild Rift game

Build Zed LoL Wild Rift – Behind the harmony of Ionia, there are stories of those who were left behind, Zed is told to be raised by Great Master Kusho on the walls of an ancient temple.

She devoted herself to understanding Kinkou’s spiritual principles and quickly surpassed her peers, both in learning and in combat.

Item Build Zed LoL Wild Rift game

Even so, he always felt that he was a shadow of Shen, the son of Great Master Kusho.

Zed felt he didn’t have the emotional balance that Shen had. Even so, the two students were very close like brothers.

Once upon a time, they and Master Kusho went on a journey to track down the famous Golden Demon. When they caught the demon, it turned out that he was just a man named Khada Jhin.

Young Zed walked forward with his sword raised ready to eradicate Jhin, but Kusho stopped him and ordered Jhin to be imprisoned.

On his return to the temple, Zed’s heart refuses to let the lofty idea of ​​balance go and leave a cruel criminal like Jhin in jail.

Zed’s emotional situation is exacerbated by increasing tensions between Iona and Noxus.

Soon Zed walked into a hidden cellar in a temple that was actually forbidden to enter. As soon as he entered the temple, Zed felt an ancient dark magic.

But soon he returned to the temple and gathered soldiers to fight Noxus in order to defend his homeland.

With this ambition, Zed captured the Kinkou shrine and founded his Order of Shadow and began training his soldiers on the paths of darkness.

Zed didn’t care anymore if the spiritual harmony in First Land was disturbed, he would do whatever was necessary to see Ionia triumph.

Build Item Zed

For this Zed build item, of course, the item used focuses on Attack Damage. But to further increase the damage, the Armor Penetration item must also be used by Zed.

Duskblade of Draktharr

Attributes: +50 Attack Damage, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, +15 Armor Penetration.

Nighstalker: Invisible for 1 second increases the next attack on the Champion by 20-125 Physical Damage and Slow effect by 99% for 0.25 seconds.

Buff lasts for 5 seconds and ranged attacks do not have a slow effect.

Price: 3000

Mercury’s Quicksilver

Attributes: +40 Move Speed, +10 Magic Resist.

Tenacity: Reduces the duration of stun, slow, fear, silence, taunt, immobilize and blin by 30%.

Quicksilver (active): Removes all CC effects and gains 50% Move Speed ​​for 1.5 seconds. (60 seconds cooldown). Cannot remove the knock up or knock back effect.

Price: 1500

This item is optional, only buy if there are many CC heroes in the opponent’s stronghold.

If it’s just a little, you can buy Mercury’s Teleport shoes for split push, ganking and more.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Attributes: +50 Attack Damage, + 10% Cooldown Reduction, +10 Armor Penetration.

Momentum: Every move provides momentum, a maximum increase of 50 Movement Speed ​​when the Stack reaches 100.

Spectral Haste: An attack that uses Momentum increases your maximum attack speed by 25% for 4 seconds.

Price: 3000

Black Cleaver

Attributes: +350 Max Health, +30 Attack Damage, + 20% Cooldown Reduction.

Sunder: Deals Physical Damage to a champion, reducing his Armor by 4% for 6 seconds, and can stack up to 6 times or 24% reduction.

Rage: Deals Physical Damage, deals 20 Move Speed ​​and, if killed, deals 60 Move Speed ​​for 2 seconds.

This bonus is non-stackable and champions with ranged attacks only get half the bonus.

Price: 3000

Mortal Reminder

Attributes: +45 Attack Damage, +35 Armor Penetration.

Executioner’s Calling: Physical Damage applies Grievous Wound to the opposing champion for 5 seconds.

Price: 2650

Guardian Angel

Attributes: +45 Attack Damage, +40 Armor.

Resurrect: Resurrect after death, Regen 50% base Health and 30% Mana after 4 seconds. (180 seconds cooldown).

Price: 2800

Best Runes for Zed

For Rune, Electrocute is the most suitable rune for Zed.

As is well known, Electrocute will be active when attacking an opposing Champion with 3 skills or 3 basic attacks.

This Electrocute rune is suitable to be part of the Zed combo.

To maximize the combo from Zed, you must pay attention to Electrocute’s cooldown before combining with your opponent.


Basic Attack and Abilities give 1 stack to the enemy champion.

If the stack reaches 3 for 3 seconds, the opposing champion is hit by lightning which deals damage equal to 30-184 (based on level) (+ 40% bonus AD) (+ 25% AP).

Cooldown 25 seconds.


Get 7 bonus AD and 2% bonus Armor Penetration, or 14 AP and 2% bonus Magic Penetration.

Get 20 Health.

Successfully eliminating a champion gives an additional 20 Health and 4% tenacity (reduced CC effect).

Hunter – Genius

Get 2.5% Cooldown Reduction.

Successfully eliminating a champion grants an additional 1.5% Cooldown Reduction.

Best Spell for Zed

For the choice of spells, we think Flash and Ignite are the most sensible choices.

You can use Spell Flash in various conditions, such as to avoid or get close to your opponent.

Then the Ignite spell is good as a counter for Champions who have high HP or Lifesteal regen such as Master Yi and Champion ADC.


Burns the targeted enemy champion, dealing 60-410 True Damage for 5 seconds and granting it a Grievous Wound effect.


Close teleportation forward or in the intended direction.

Tips for Using Zed

In the next painful Zed build, we will learn how to use Zed.

Zed is actually quite difficult to use because he really has to be able to play his combo abilities in order to maximize his Damage potential.

But we will provide some tips to get the most out of Zed, the first is:


Zed is usually played in Baron’s midlane or solo lane, but it’s actually quite difficult to play as a jungle because it’s long enough to tackle jungle.


Combo skill 2-3-1, this combo is quite easy for beginners to understand.

So the first you cast a shadow through skill 2, try to get close to the opposing Champion so that the combo attack doesn’t miss.

Then immediately press skill 3, your opponent will be slowed down and you can attack him using skill 1.

If your combo hits your opponent, Rune Electrocute will deal additional damage to your opponent.

Just keep in mind that Zed’s passive is able to deal additional damage if the opponent’s HP is at 50% and below.

So if the opponent who has been hit by the combo hasn’t died, you can chase him and attack using Basic Attack.

If your Ultimate skill is active, then you can activate the Ultimate skill first, then combo 2-3-1 as above.

By using Ultimate skill, Zed can cast 2 shadows before attacking using skill 1.

The important point in Zed’s combo is that you have to maximize your combo with Electrocute while still in the early game, then just before the late game, you must be able to maximize your combo skills with the Ultimate.

Actually there are lots of combo skill variants for Zed, what matters is how you understand the skills one by one, from passive to Ultimate.

That’s the most painful Zed Wild Rift build item, which if you look at it, has the same abilities as Hayabusa from Mobile Legends, but is more difficult to master.

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