Karaoke application on laptop or PC

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Karaoke application on laptop or PC
Karaoke application on laptop or PC

OPTICXCESS — Karaoke application on laptop or PC

Today we want to share about tricks on how to be able to karaoke via your own laptop or PC without having to go to Happy Puppy. You know, karaoke costs are so expensive now. Instead of having to spend money, it’s better if we just karaoke from home is more economical. Besides being economical, we also don’t need to bother going out. Oh yeah, my friends know for themselves that actually the applications used by Happy Pappy, etc. they mostly use an application called Dzone Karaoke.

But unfortunately this karaoke application is paid and is enough to pay for all my friends. Instead of having to buy, We invite all of the boats to use another free karaoke application that can be installed on your laptop. Indeed, in terms of features it is not as optimal as what we get in real karaoke applications like Dzone karaoke but, for karaoke needs for free, it is quite okay in my opinion. If you have money to buy a paid dzone karaoke application, go ahead.

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As we will discuss this time, then we will provide some application recommendations which in my opinion are qualified enough to be used as a means of entertainment at home. Hehe in this case is a free karaoke application that you can try and get from the internet at will. Okay, without the need to go further, here are some free kraoke applications that you can install on your PC.

Karaoke application on laptop or PC

MIDI Karaoke

Karaoke application on laptop or PC

Midi karaoke is one application that I highly recommend using. The advantage of this Midi karaoke is that we can get a large library of music that can be played by the MIDI karaoke application. For example, if we want to get certain karaoke songs, we just need to write on google what song we want to find and follow it with the format “midi”. The good thing about using midi is that we can download the latest midi-formatted songs. Because this format is very often used and the easiest to get.

The reason is that we can play various songs with a large music library. However, if we want to run the midi format music, we must first install the midi karaoke application. Of course, it is also incomplete if we do not reveal what the shortcomings of the MIDI application are.

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So the shortcomings of the MIDI application are that the music is too simple and sometimes it differs greatly from the original music version. For example, music that sounds like a guitar is played on a piano instead. So it doesn’t sound real. Even so, not all midi format music has an unreal quality as I mentioned earlier. However, there are also many midi music that resembles the original music. Instead of being curious, you should just install the midsi application via the official website link:



Karaoke application on laptop or PC

After using midi karaoke, what’s wrong with you using another karaoke application, namely Karafun. Karafun is more or less the same as the midi karaoke app, but personally I prefer the look of karafun because it’s more modern. However, the shortcomings of our karafun are not free to adjust the existing music. For example, we want to turn off certain sounds or sounds in Karafun while in Midi karaoke, we can do this by turning off the lights of each instrument.

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So between karafun and midi karaoke has advantages and disadvantages of each. For library problems, Karafun also supports the MIDI format like karaoke midi. So we can also access a variety of the latest foreign and local songs in MIDI format freely without limits. For those of you who want to install Karafun, please just visit the official website here:


Ordinary Video Player

Yep, there’s no mistaking it. We can also use ordinary music players to play karaoke songs. Windows media player, GOM, KMPlayer, and other music players are examples of ordinary video player applications that can be used for karaoke. The trick, we can download the karaoke song videos on Youtube first. If it has been downloaded, then unfortunately you played it with the usual video player earlier.