How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube

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Live Streaming Mobile Legends
Live Streaming Mobile Legends

OPTICXCESSHow to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube. Now we will show you how to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube. Live streaming can actually be done directly through the Legends mobile application itself.

However, because many often encounter problems not being able to do live streaming through the live streaming feature that has been provided (error due) from Mobile Legends whether it’s on Facebook or Youtube, as an alternative, we can use third-party applications.

As for before doing live streaming on Facebook and Youtube, make sure your connection is stable and fast. If not, then there will be a delay in streaming, the picture quality will slow down, or even stop suddenly.

When streaming on Facebook and Youtube, the withdrawal of data bandwidth is twice the normal. For that, besides ensuring a stable connection also make sure that you have enough data packets to stream.

A suitable and ideal time for streaming is midnight or midnight. Because at these times the network is more stable. Also, you can use midnight packages to be more efficient, especially packet data users.

Another thing to consider is streaming time on Mobile Legends. One match in Mobile Legends ranges from 15-30 minutes. To avoid problems when streaming, make sure the smartphone battery position is full and the specifications are adequate.

The ideal smartphone specifications for streaming Game Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube are for the batteries, at best 4000+ mAh and 3GB + RAM. Less than that, the consequences the smartphone will experience interference.

Now from the discussion above, make sure friends understand in advance what needs to be considered before doing live streaming. Because live streaming on Facebook and Youtube is identical to the name interference.

In order to avoid undesirable things, make sure you fully understand the network conditions and data packages and smartphone specifications. If all meet the requirements, then in the following I will show in the full tutorial How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube.

How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube

First of all, you download and install the DU Recorder application from APKpure or Playstore. Then run it, and click the four box icon button.

Then you choose whether you will stream on Youtube or Facebook. Click on one of them. Then you will be asked to log in by entering your Facebook or Youtube account.

How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube

Once connected, you pay attention to the parts that are given the following numbers.

Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube

Number 1: is the settings option. Here you can make settings for the quality of streaming images that you want, etc. If your network quality is good you can choose the highest resolution option and if your network strength is mediocre, make sure you choose the low option only.

Number 2: is the title of your live streaming. Write whatever you want. For example: “Tutorial on Using Fanny”, etc.

Number 3: is a description of your live streaming title. For example an explanation or anything that concerns the title of live streaming. Example: “This is a streaming tutorial using my first Fanny. I hope you like it and enjoy streaming it … “

Number 4: is the game choice. Because this is a tutorial on legends mobile games, then you choose mobile legends games. If you want to stream for PUBG games, you choose PUBG and many other game choices.

Number 5: If all parts have been arranged and completed,

then you click this button “start” to start streaming or live broadcast.

Well, if live writing appears and the icon of the person in the upper right corner and also the comment button on the top right indicate that you have been on the air, or while streaming. Now, you invite your friends to watch your stream whether it’s from Facebook or Youtube

So that’s the tutorial on How to Live Streaming Mobile Legends on Facebook and Youtube for Android smartphone users. Hopefully useful. I say good luck trying, good luck. That’s all