Low Virtual Memory in the TGB Emulator 100% FIX

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Low Virtual Memory in the TGB
Low Virtual Memory in the TGB

OPTICXCESS — Low Virtual Memory in the TGB (Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator)

Low virtual memory is one of the most common problems when playing PUBG Mobile with the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator. One sign is a pop up notification appears while the game is running with the message “Your system is running out of virtual memory, which may render the game unplayable. Close some applications or allocate more virtual memory ”.

This message will usually appear shortly after the game feels lag and choppy, which ultimately forces us to change the emulator settings again so that this low virtual memory problem can be resolved.

The cause of low virtual memory in the TGB emulator

This is because our virtual memory settings are too small, or there are other applications that are running simultaneously with the game so that the virtual memory allocation for games is reduced.

Previously, I have shared tips for setting Tencent Gaming Buddy so that it doesn’t lag. There I suggested that the virtual memory allocation (paging file) be resized to a larger size, at least half of RAM.

How to FIX PUBG Mobile lag due Low Virtual Memory in the TGB

Running out of virtual memory ration does not make PUBG Mobile freeze like a bug when there was a recent version update some time ago, but low virtual memory can make the game choppy and uncomfortable.

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If this problem has already occurred, then the way to fix it is very simple, namely by increasing the size of the virtual memory (paging file) on our computer.

Follow the steps below to solve virtual memory low:

Open windows explorer > right click on computer icon> properties

Low Virtual Memory in the TGB

The first step is to enter the system properties first. The easiest way is through explorer then right click on the computer icon and select properties.

Enter the Advanced system settings menu

After entering the system properties, select the Advanced system settings menu.

Click the Advanced tab then select Performance > Settings

Go to the Advanced tab, in the Performance option click Settings.

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Click again the Advanced tab > Virtual memory > Change

Click the Advanced tab, then on the Virtual memory option click Change.

Change virtual memory size

Low Virtual Memory in the TGB

Change virtual memory size. We can enter a value that is half the size of the RAM. For example I have 8 GB of RAM, so I changed the virtual memory value to 4 GB. However, if the virtual memory size is changed to be the same as RAM, it doesn’t matter.

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After increasing the size of virtual memory, restart the computer then try running the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator. Play PUBG Mobile as usual, you will definitely feel the difference. By increasing the size of the virtual memory, the game should be lighter and less laggy.