How to Make a Border Light Around Android

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OPTICXCESSHow to Create a Border Light around the Android Phone Screen.

Today we will discuss how to make a Border Light around the Android Phone Screen. The purpose of installing Border Light is that the display of your smartphone is more interesting because there is a kind of lamp that flickers around your smartphone screen.

We don’t need to buy or install lights around the screen, but we just need to install an application that can bring it up..

Make a Border Light

The color of the border or the resulting black like red, yellow, green and purple. Well, we can also set the speed of the twinkling, the color thickness of the line, etc. according to what we want. Okay, without the need to go any further, why is it complete how to make a a Light around the screen of an Android cellphone.

How to Make a Border Light Around the Android Phone Screen

  1. First, you must first download the application called “Light debug” here. The application is not in the PlayStore, so you can only download it via the link. If it has been downloaded, don’t forget to install and then run it.
  2. If it has been installed, then open the application. When the main display first appears, you click the “Activate” button to start showing the border light or the flashing lights are detected by your Android smartphone.
  3. After the its appears, in the options below, you will see the option to do wallpaper settings. Click on the article to start adjusting the border light model according to your choice.
  4. Now, please set your own as you like, what kind of arrangement you want. Like Cycling speed: Adjusting Blinking Speed ​​and Border size: Adjust the line thickness. Easy enough right?

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