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MCL Tickets Mobile Legends How To Get It For Free

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OPTICXCESS — MCL Tickets Mobile Legends How To Get It For Free

Every week Mobile Legends provides an opportunity for all players to participate in the MCL tournament which is held on Saturdays at 9 pm. Participants who take part are required to have an MCL ticket which costs around 20 diamonds.

MCL Tickets Mobile Legends

There are attractive prizes if you win the MCL tournament, and the good thing is that you can also play solo, but of course it will be more fun if you play a full party with friends.

Even though the weekly MCL ticket price is relatively cheap, you can also get it for free. So that every week you can continue to participate in MCL without having to buy diamonds again.

Ways to Get Free MCL Tickets Mobile Legends

For now, there are only three ways you can follow so you can get MCL tickets for free. Of course, this method is not instantaneous and requires action from the player in order to get it. Just take a look at the whole method below.

Complete the Celestial Quest

There are lots of prizes that you can get by completing the Celestial Quest which is found in the Daily Rewards section. So you need to complete the tasks displayed there and collect keys so that the Celestial Chest can be opened.

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The prizes you get from the Celestial Chest are also commensurate with the tasks you complete. One of them is a star protector to play solo and with 2 or 3 friends.

There are a total of 8 keys that you must collect so that the Chest can open. So if a day gets 1 key, it takes 8 days to be able to open it and receive the prize.

Collect Activity Point Squad

This method can only be used when you have joined the Squad. So basically there are several benefits of joining the Squad, one of which is the accumulated Activity Points.

The points collected are calculated based on the member’s activity in playing the game. The more often you play together with a squad, the faster the Activity Points will be collected.

Now from this Activity Point you can get MCL tickets for free. Just wait for the progress bar to pass the Entrance MCL icon, then later you can claim the prize.

Through certain events

And the last is through a certain event provided by Moonton. Usually events like this only take place on a limited basis and unfortunately are not often held.

But you can find out about the progress of this limited event through the Mobile Legends social media account like Facebook. So that you won’t miss any events that are currently or will be held later.

By using the MCL Mobile Legends Ticket Redeem Code

Here’s the code:


How to use it:

Please enter the Mobile Legends code exchange website then:

  • Fill in the redeem code
  • Fill in the game ID
  • Click “Send”
  • Get the verification code in your Mobile Legends mailbox
  • Enter the verification code
  • Click “Redeem”
  • It will say “success” when you have entered the info correctly and the quota is still available
  • Check the mailbox again to see the prizes!

Terms of using code

Redeem code for Free MCL ticket above: (1 code max 1 id)
But keep in mind, that if the redeem code meets the quota, then you will no longer be able to use the code.

So who is the player who is the fastest to exchange the redeem code, then he is the one who is successful.

Those are some ways to get free weekly MCL tickets from Mobile Legends. Maybe one day there will be a new way to follow the development of the game. But if you have a way other than the above, you are very welcome to share in the comments column to help the other friends.

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