Move Contacts from iPhone to Android Automatically

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OPTICXCESSMoving Contacts from iPhone to Android. In this article, I will give a tutorial on how to Move Contacts from iPhone to Android. If you currently have contacts that want to be moved from your iPhone to Android, it should be done automatically. Moving by the manual method is not recommended because it is inefficient and drains quietly.

Imagine if there were 100 more contacts on the iPhone that you wanted to move, would you move them one by one, of course not? Surely you will find a way to automatically move all existing contacts. But apparently, not a few who do not know how to Move Contacts from iPhone to Android automatically.

Move Contacts from iPhone to Android Automatically

Even if we understand the features that exist on the smartphone whether it’s on the iPhone or on Android, we certainly will not be confused when you want to make contact transfers.

On the iPhone for example, there has been provided the choice of export and import of contacts whether it’s moving inside the cellphone itself or outside. As with Android, there is definitely a feature of import and export contacts. This feature already exists from generation to generation ranging from the type of handphone to becoming a smartphone.

Now, this time I will not go any further, for that, let us go into the full discussion, Move Contacts from iPhone to Android Automatically and efficiently without draining, especially having to move them one by one:

Note: In the next step we need a PC or laptop to access I cloud and google contacts so, make sure you have provided it.

Move Contacts from iPhone to Android

  • First, on the iPhone, you open the settings and then select Password & Accounts.
  • Next, you select iCloud.
  • Then make sure the Contacts option is in the On position.
  • Then you access the site from your PC or Laptop. Then you log in by entering your I cloud user and password. Then you select the Contacts menu.
  • Next, you will see a list of contacts that you have saved on your iPhone. Then press Ctrl + A on the keyboard to select all existing contacts.
  • Next, you see in the lower-left corner there is a gear icon. You click on the icon then select Export vCard. Then all the contacts you selected will be downloaded in the .vcf file format.
  • Okay, now you open the link: from the PC. Then you log in with your Gmail account that is connected to an Android account. Then you will see a display, then search and click on the Import contacts option.
  • Next, you are looking for the export results from iCloud, which is in the VCF file format, and then upload it to Google Contacts. If so, you will see a contact list from your iPhone.
  • Then on an Android smartphone, you open Settings and then select Account and backup. Then select Accounts.
  • Then select/add the Google account that you just opened, namely on Google contacts. Then select Sync account.
  • Then make sure Contacts is active.
  • Now if you have activated the Contacts option, then you can immediately check in your contacts. Then the contact will appear from your iPhone.

Easy isn’t it? That was the way to Automatically Move Contacts from iPhone to Android. Make sure you pay attention to the step by step above carefully so there are no obstacles. Hopefully, the above article is useful and I wish you good luck!

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