Olymp Trade special features You Must Know

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Olymp Trade special features
Olymp Trade special features

OPTICXCESS — Olymp Trade special features

The existence of special features Olymp Trade is considered a trading system that will take advantage of the online trading platform. The response speed is one of the technologies to make it easier for customers, especially if they are beginners.

Olymp Trade special features

Olymp Trade Special Features

Olymp Trade is now considered a trading platform that utilizes an online system. The completeness of these features will attract the attention of investors where they are just starting to open a business.

Olymp Trade is comparable to other popular platforms. One of its interesting features is that it provides a free registration method where all investors and members will get 10,000 credits. This no-cost system can be used by new users when they want to start trying it out.

By using a demo account, users can measure their trading skills so they can expect to try other strategies before trying to buy and sell using real money. OlympTrade does provide a low value initial investment.

Offer Free Demo Account

You need to know that Olymp Trade has provided a free demo for every customer using the 10,000 virtual dollars that will be given to each user when they just create an account. They can receive this credit when they first use it.

This free demo capability of the Olymp Trade platform is good news for beginners. The reason is they can try if they want to start with low value capital. Of course this must be felt by users who are still new to using it.

Interestingly, users will not be bothered by the time limit when they are using the free demo. Customers and investors can benefit from practicing as much as possible without worrying about spending a fortune.

Trading Conditions You Need to Know as an Olymp Trade User

For those of you as a novice user of Olymp Trade, you must pay attention to what the actual requirements are. Information like this really needs to be understood slowly so that trading can also be carried out smoothly.

First, the minimum deposit value is $ 10, where you can upgrade to use a VIP account when you have more than $ 2000. Users must have at least $ 1 in balance if they want to buy and sell.

While the maximum value that will be used for trading is $ 2000 for standard account holders and $ 5000 for VIP traders. The existence of successful profit has the following calculation 82% of standard investors and 90% of VIP holders.

Withdrawal and Banking Options While Using Olymp Trade Features

Olymp Trade has provided several attractive features for its customers especially in terms of withdrawals and deposits. Investors can choose from a choice of processors ranging from using Mastercard and Visa, e wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin as well as Boleto for Brazilian users.

This withdrawal can also be made from several payment processors. You also have to pay attention to some rules for making this transaction. First, users can complete deposits and withdrawals at Olymp Trade for a certain time, for example 3 days.

Interestingly, the Olymp Trade platform has promised that users don’t have to wait too long where the average wait is only about 1 day. It’s different if you are a VIP account user, it only takes a few hours.

Know Olymp Trade Accounts before Using Their Attractive Features

There are several accounts on Olymp Trade that you need to know. First, namely Demo and available for free. Each user will be given 10,000 virtual units. Each individual only needs to register for an account on the official website.

The second account is standard with a minimum of $ 10 or it’s equivalent in the currency of another country. Investors are able to buy and sell a minimum of $ 1 and a maximum of a seminal $ 2000. Meanwhile, the maximum profit can be obtained, which is about 80% of the total investment.

Next, there is a VIP account where investors must deposit $ 2000 before they can buy and sell. Users with this group will also experience faster withdrawals and can use other interesting features without limits.

Some of Olymp Trade’s special features are available online, making it easier for every user to start investing. Interestingly, this platform provides a free account for beginners so that they can learn at the same time without requiring a lot of capital.