OPPO Reno4 F Photography Result

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OPPO Reno4 F
OPPO Reno4 F

OPTICXCESS — OPPO Reno4 F Photography with Various Features makes photos more beautiful and fantastic.

Apart from having an attractive design and powerful performance, OPPO Reno4 F has excellent features in the camera’s ability to produce beautiful and unique photos.

OPPO Reno4 F

OPPO Reno4 F comes with the support of four rear cameras which have a combination of 48 MP main camera, 8 MP ultrawide, 2 MP mono, and 2 MP mono. By default, the main camera will produce 12 MP resolution photos that have dynamic colors and are able to absorb a lot of light thanks to the 4-in-1 pixel binning technology.

OPPO Reno4 F Photography

The resulting 12 MP photos have good quality because they are processed first by artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by OPPO in its default camera application.

Reno4 F camera

But if you want to produce a bigger resolution photo on the main camera, you can activate the 48 MP Mode feature. The difference between the 12 MP and 48 MP photos will be visible if you crop the same part.

After the crop is done, it will be seen that 48 MP photos have better detail than 12 MP. Even so, the results of the two photos are both of good quality so that they can be used for various needs, starting to be uploaded on social networks, websites, or printed on photo paper.

Almost similar to Reno4, this cellphone also has an AI Color Portrait Mode feature which offers photos by making a black and white background, but still keeping the subject in true color.

Photography Result
Photography Result
OPPO Reno4 F Photography Result

The photos from the AI ​​Color Portrait look unique because they are able to make the subject focus more and contrast the background. Even the intersection of the colors between the subject and the background looks very neat.

For the record, AI Color Portrait will be active when it detects the face of the subject being shot. If no face is found, this feature will only display a black and white image on the screen. You can see the results in real-time when the subject is being shot through the default Reno4 F camera application.

Meanwhile, the night photography capabilities of the Reno4 F are no less attractive thanks to the presence of the Night Flare Portrait feature which allows you to produce artistic neon effects on the background.

This feature will look even more attractive if you take photos in locations that have lots of flickering urban lights, making the subject appear brighter than the background.

OPPO also presents a Night Mode feature on the Reno4 F so that it allows you to produce bright photos and minimal noise at night.

Not only that, the Reno4 F also comes with an AI Super Night Portrait feature that allows you to produce night selfies with clarity and brightness compared to using Auto Mode.

In the AI ​​Super Night Portrait feature, OPPO combines a series of AI algorithms including HDR that can instantly capture and combine multiple frames at several exposure levels, face recognition, and suppress highlights so as to brighten portrait photos without increasing the background light excessively.

Furthermore, the OPPO Reno4 F is equipped with two front cameras which have a combination of a 16 MP main camera and a 2 MP depth. The Dual Lens Bokeh feature will combine the two front cameras to be able to produce selfies with a bokeh effect (blurry background) instantly and neatly.

This cellphone is also supported by the AI ​​Beautification 2.0 feature which allows you to make selfies with a smooth face while maintaining natural skin tones without losing details. In addition, you can also produce AI Color Portrait photos with the front camera.

Of course, the Reno4 F comes with support for good camera features that allow you to produce creative and interesting photos.