Poco F3 Smartphone Review Full Specs

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Poco F3 Smartphone Review
Poco F3 Smartphone Review

OPTICXCESS — Poco F3 Smartphone Review

POCO Global has finally launched its flagship mid-level product, the POCO F3 mobile phone. The successor to the F2 series is equipped with qualified specifications, but is sold at a relatively affordable price for its class.

POCO F3 is equipped with spacious RAM, namely 6GB and 8GB. Various new features that are favored in this series include the latest Snapdragon 870 chipset which is faster than its predecessor.

Poco F3 Smartphone Review

Check out the full review below.

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Poco F3 Smartphone Review Full Specs

POCO F3 Mobile Specifications

Poco F3 Smartphone Review Full Specs
Poco F3 Smartphone Review Full Specs


At first glance, the Xiaomi POCO F3 doesn’t look like a mid-range cellphone at all. The front and back are all equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 protection with an aluminum frame.

The glossy finish with a glass-like finish makes this phone look very luxurious.

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The Pocophone F3 has a very wide and relieved screen, which is 6.67 inch AMOLED with a resolution of up to 1080 pixels. The refresh rate of this screen is 10 Hz, which is high, resulting in fast performance.

The front screen is equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 and HDR 10+ protection, as well as a 360 Hz touch sampling rate. As information only, this figure is higher than most cellphones designed for gaming. The smoothness of the screen transitions will make you feel very entertained while playing your favorite games.

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POCO F3 Mobile Performance

The Poco F3 mobile chipset is powered by the latest Snapdragon 870 5G chipset which is faster than its predecessor. Combined with 8GB and 6GB RAM and 128GB and 256GB storage capacities. Unfortunately, this phone is not equipped with an additional slot for MicroSD.

The Pocophone F3 also has good heat management because the cooling system inside is equipped with a copper heat pipe and a graphics layer. No need to worry about your cellphone getting hot quickly when you use it for games or watching movies.

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The Poco F3 mobile is equipped with a clear and high-resolution camera. There are 3 cameras on the back, each of which has a resolution of 48 MP (wide) on the main camera and two other cameras 8MP (ultrawide) and 5MP (macro). While the front camera is equipped with 20MP (wide) HDR resolution.


The battery capacity of the Poco F3 cellphone is 4520 mAh. If you are an active mobile user for strenuous activities, then you need a power bank so that your cellphone doesn’t run out of power.

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After reading the specifications above, you must be asking how much the latest HP Pocophone F3 is. The Poco F3 was launched at a price of 299 Euros for 6GB RAM and 128GB memory. As for 8GB RAM and 256GB memory, the price is around 355 Euros.

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The Poco F3 mobile has premium features that are rarely found in other cellphones in its class. For those of you who like entertainment such as games and movies, this cellphone can be one of the best recommendations.