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Pokemon Unite Game Pokemon Will Have MOBA Version

Game Pokemon Unite

OPTICXCESS — Pokemon Unite Game Pokemon Will Have MOBA Version

A new MOBA game based on Pokemon characters, namely Pokemon UNITE, is certain to be released soon this year. The game developed by Game is developed by The Pokemon Company and Tencent Games is planning to enter beta this March. But unfortunately this Beta version will only be launched for certain regions, especially Canada.

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon in 5v5 matches in an arena are the main attraction in this game. No wonder so many gamers want to try this game.

This game is planned to be released on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices as a free-to-play game that supports cross-platform features. In this game, players can face each other in 5 v 5 team battles, team up with teammates to catch wild Pokemon, level up and develop Pokemon and defeat their opponents while also getting more points than the other team.

This game is very different from other Pokemon titles, because each player has to work together and strategize to be the best of the best, not just exploring the world alone trying to collect it all.

Until now there has been no news regarding the launch date of Pokemon UNITE, but the beta version will soon be available for players in Canada to get their feedback before the game is fully launched.

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