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Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips and Guide

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Princess Connect Re: Dive has been released in Japan for several years, and then released globally for players around the world to play. This RPG has a cute cast of characters, voice-action dialogue, animated cutscenes, and beautiful CG. And also an immersive story about different characters and their interactions with one another.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips and Guide

Here is a Princess Connect Re: Dive guide that can help you understand the game.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips and Guide


Here you can see the progress of the main story quest, several cutscenes and more information about your waifus. The character portion is very important because you increase the bond level with the character. And you get some bonus stats for different characters, so try to maximize affection because the higher the bond level, the higher the stat increases and you also get some gems to see the story.

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Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips and Guide

The dungeon can be opened after clearing 2-12 (Normal). There are 10 floors in each dungeon where the 10th floor has bosses. After clearing any floor, you will get mana, random equipment, and sometimes memory shards and dungeon coins are given by multiple floors, dungeon is awarded once every day.

You can withdraw at will from any battle floor if your unit is destroyed or is on the verge of death. You can retry the battle with the same health and TP before the fight started. And when the guild explodes or use other strategies such as changing the team composition to win the fight. Doing so has no penalties, so feel free to step back whenever you want. You can take the help of your clan friends by using their units but you have to pay for mana to do so. Even if you can clear the dungeon bosses, always challenge the highest difficulty you unlock because they give you more dungeon coins.

Now the first two dungeons shouldn’t cause a problem if your units are leveled well. But The Very Hard Dungeon is the hardest, the last boss is very strong and without the correct team composition you can’t beat it. The stall team composition is Miyako, Yui, Chika, Yukari , and Pecorine. All of these units are easy to get and are required to be in rank 7. Now you can replace Pecorine with better tanks like Jun or Nozomi.

This boss has heavy AOE magic attacks and Yukari’s shield is very helpful and the aim is to run the timer by just stalling. Sometimes the boss might finish one of your units, if it happens a simple retreat and try again. You can also take out weak units and place it for that unit to take heavy boss attacks.

Improve Character

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips and Guide

In the beginning, you have to focus on 5 characters and work from there. Choosing units for their fixed roles is the way to go, before you open the princess arena most of the content requires 5-8 units.

The core team must fully level up and level up to complete the story stages and battle arena. First of all you have to focus on at least 1-2 supports, 2 tanks, 2 physical and magic DPS, and 1 AOE healing unit. All units don’t need to be fully maximized, a less powerful unit can use whatever you have. In this Princess Connect Re Dive Guide, we will share all the tips on how to improve and rank your character with the best equipment.

Equipment Enhancements

You don’t need to improve your equipment to increase your character’s rank. Just equip the equipment at the initial upgrade needed to move up the rankings. Before reaching rank 7 or rank 8 don’t repair any equipment because reaching this rank doesn’t take much time. The improved equipment gives back a small portion of the refinement crystal used to perfect it. Only at maximum rank should you think about improving your equipment.

Ranking and Ascension
Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips and Guide

Each unit requires 6 types of equipment to move up the rankings. Using the equipment when doing it after each rank you have to farm the equipment again. The power spike for units came in at rank 4 and rank 7 because they unlocked 2 more skills. So it was advisable to use the first range of rank 7 before fully upgrading units.

Before reaching rank 7, units will be more vulnerable because they are still weak. All units can go up to 5 stars and even 1 star. But the increase requires a fraction of the memory so you should always prioritize one or two units to go up first then focus on other units.

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Farming Equipment in Princess Connect Re: Dive

Every time you try to farm equipment make sure to check the various drop variations given different stages. For example, equip moonlight robe needed by Tamaki, and Sun rod is needed by Hatsune. So if you already have a certain character, Farming at this stage will be very efficient. But don’t worry too much because every equipment will be needed by several characters at some point in the future. Equipment on the left and center has a higher chance of falling than on the right.

Guild House

Guild House

This is where your unit can be placed and you can modify and decorate this place. There are items here that give free mana, exp potions, stamina, and skip tickets. Various furniture can be purchased from the tock. You can also gift tenants with items to increase their affection. After clearing the dungeon boss, you get an item that generates stamina, be sure to add it to the guild house.


Clans have their own play style so make sure to check what kind of clan you are joining. They are casual and competitive if you are just playing for fun or just to collect prizes. And if you want to be competitive then another one is it. You can also request equipment in your clan where other people can donate.

Clan Battle

For casual players, clan battles were treated casually. Every day you have to try to attack 2 times or at least once. You can do a few tries and find a good team composition. And don’t attack blindly trying to come up with some strategy.

For competitive players, you have to attack 3 times every day and in trials try to maximize your damage. During clan battles, you should try to upgrade the characters needed to complete certain bosses. Every day you must have at least 100k of mana to borrow your clan mate’s units. Makato is SSS level for clan battles for her shredding skills, Suzuna is another great character for early clan battles.

Battle and Princess Arena

Here you can challenge other players in PvP battles in 1vs1 teams and 3vs3 teams. It is advisable to challenge the bots at first as they have poor team composition and they make easy targets for higher rankings. Every time you set a new record, a number of gems will be rewarded. So try to rank as far as you can.

At higher ranks, you earn more arena coins per hour so try to move up the ranks after your rank drops. Princess Arena also works the same way but since it’s a 3vs3 battle make sure to adjust your team composition according to the enemy.

Shop in Princess Connect Re: Dive


In the shop you will use coins and amultes to buy memory shards. Never buy equipment no matter how much you need it.

Shop Bonus

Shop bonuses open randomly when you go through the story stages and they have exp equipment and potions. You have to buy all the equipment because they are very cheap compared to spending stamina to get them.

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Dungeon Shop

Priority for the shard is Yukari to 2 stars then Nozomi if you don’t have it And then Maho. But rising Nozomi to 4 stars will be a priority over Maho.

Arena Shop

The priority is Monika if you don’t have it then Tamaki and if you want Rino you can look for him.

Princess Arena

Hatsune, Anna, and Miyako are all very decent units that you can choose for whoever you like

Divine Amulet

Don’t use the amulet for anything other than limited characters. Because you can collect all units from different sources. However, limited character memory fragments can only be obtained through the divine amulet.



You can roll gacha for gems in hopes of getting your favorite character. Now there is a regular gacha that gives free equipment 2 times a day, don’t forget to claim it. Then premium and focus where you roll characters, focus on gacha which has superior characters that have an increased summon rate compared to other units in the bunch. Premium has standard 3-star units with the same summon rate.

This Princess Connect Re: Dive game has a system and each draw will give you 1 Character Exchange Point. You can use 300 Points to exchange 1 Featured Character in the Banner.

The strongest 1 star character Princess Connect Re: Dive


He is easily one of the top-tier units for almost all game modes except clan battles. His abilities including magic nullifying barriers, healing, and TP boost making him one of the best units to invest in from its early days.


One of the team’s best healing units and it is recommended to make it at leats 2-star. That way the healing effect will be even greater.


He’s a good physical tank with self-healing abilities but falls slower than Miyako. However, if you’re not lucky enough to have a tank like Nozomi, Zun, or Miyako then he’s good to invest in during the early days.

The strongest 2 star character Princess Connect Re: Dive


He is the best physical tank at the start of the game. His abilities include being invisibility for some time and self-healing. It is recommended for use in almost all game modes.


Another great unit for wiping out magic attack units like Hatsune. She will always target the magic units that have the highest attack even if they are on the back line. Very useful in the arena and he is great for investing.

Princess Connect Re: Dive Tips And Guide

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help you on your way to Princess Connect Re: Dive.

General Tips
  • Complete all your daily missions and level up your character as soon as possible. Your character level is the maximum level your unit can reach
  • Try to increase the rank of your core units as soon as you unlock their gear farming stage
  • You can refill your stamina but don’t do it more than 3 times a day and you should do it for 2x drop events
Hard Stage Shard Farming

Priority goes to Yui up to 2 stars, Saren until you get it, Pecorine up to 2 stars (Only if you don’t have a tank), Shizuru until you get here and you can farm any unit you like.


You will receive mana and exp potions for completing different levels and you should try to reach the maximum available level as soon as possible to get more rewards. Every day 2 tries are given in mana and exp missions, so never forget to do this.

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Unit formation in Princess Connect Re: Dive

Units of different roles have their own positions, tanks at the front, tanks at the back or center, mages and archers usually behind (this has a few exceptions). In each tank, team composition is a must or your team will be destroyed in a few seconds. The preferred team composition generally has 1-2 tanks, 1-2 DPS single or AOE DPS, 1 support, 1 healer for most stage healers not needed .

This game doesn’t take much time, an hour or two every day is enough to progress, it doesn’t take much strategy if you are a normal player but still knowing things can help you on your adventure in Princess Connect Re: Dive. Just remember this game is about collecting waifus, don’t overemphasize meta or attract the best characters, if you like characters that are ranked high enough in the tier list.

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