Tips to Play Chess Rush game PRO PLAYER

Tips to Play Chess Rush game PRO PLAYER

Chess Rush Game

OPTICXCESS — PRO Tips to Play Chess Rush game. Since its appearance in 2019, the auto-battler genre has succeeded in drawing the attention of strategy game connoisseurs. One game that presents the excitement of this genre is Chess Rush. It’s not difficult for this game to enter the realm of esports with the feeling of competition for the players.

This game requires patience and calculation in playing it. If we are carried away and cannot be patient, then the pawn we will get is also bad. That way we will easily lose the game.

PRO Tips to Play Chess Rush game

So for that, we have summarized some tips so that you can play like a PRO player in this Chess Rush game.

This is PRO Tips to Play Chess Rush game.

PRO Tips to Play Chess Rush game

Don’t be in a hurry

Before playing auto-battler games like Chess Crush, you need to know the function of each pawn or hero contained in the game according to the classification with its Species and Classes. The goal is of course so that you can collect certain types of pawns. You will get a synergy that can make the pawn stronger.

At the beginning of the round, you will usually be faced with a monster pawn that is still easy to defeat. Do not rush when you have suffered defeat in the next round, do not panic until making the wrong decision.

“Do not rush to make decisions under any circumstances. You also can’t panic to cause a misstep, “

Don’t Discard the Crystal Mana

Every pawn contained in Chess Rush has a rarity that has a price difference. The percentage of the emergence of small pawns will be more. If you have pawns that are not good, never refresh the pawns in the lineup. Because every time you refresh, you will throw away the Mana Crystal that you have.

However, don’t hesitate to buy a pawn that is cheaper if the synergy is more effective. Cheaper pawns, it’s usually easier for you to develop to appear stronger. If you can also sell a pawn that you have developed.

“If you don’t get a lineup or a pawn that you have is bad, never refresh the pawn using Mana Crystal if you don’t need it,”

Crystal Mana Tubes

Don’t be discouraged if you experience losing streak. You will still get Mana Crystal when you lose. Indeed, the amount was not much when you won the match.

If you manage to collect up to 50 Mana Crystals. In each subsequent round, you will get an additional 5 mana crystals. From whichever Crystal you collected earlier, you will be better able to raise the level of your pawns.

“If you can’t win the streak in the early game. Don’t be influenced by your opponent because you keep losing. You have to save Mana Crystal, you will get lose streak and win streak will still get it, it’s just different. You can also make a comeback thanks to the Mana Crystal savings you have, “

Pay attention to Pawn Position

The thing you need to pay attention to is the layout of the pawns. Indeed, at the beginning of the game, you don’t need to pay attention to the position of the pawn because the opponent will be easier to subdue. However, after the third round, pawn placement is very important.

Entering the next round, the pawn will be able to jump backward. Every round you have to pay attention to the layout of your pawns.

“Placement of a pawn can be a very influential aspect in battle. All types of pawns and combos that you play have different placements. This can determine your base victory, “

Counter, Combo, and Pawn Leveling

In adjusting the position of the pawn, pay attention to these three things you also want to win, namely counter, combo, and leveling. First counter, we can see what pawn the enemy will use by clicking on the name on the enemy name. This can help you determine the pawn for the counter.

Besides the counter, you also need to prepare a combo to win this game. After you have your opponent’s pawn counter, you also have to mix the pawn combo, for example, if you use a warrior pawn that is strong against physical damage but weak against magic damage.

Leveling is indeed necessary to make your pawn mine strong. Keep in mind, when you want to raise your pawn level, don’t be in a hurry. You also have to pay attention to which crystal you have.

“In playing Chess Rush there are three things that you need to pay attention to counter, combo, and leveling pawns. Where the counter can help you determine the pawn to use. Use a combo, because it would be a pity if you have a leveling pawn but don’t have a combo. Leveling a pawn needs to improve the ability of a pawn, “

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