Remove Malware Applications From Android

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Remove Malware Applications From Android

OPTICXCESSRemove Malware Applications Instantly Without Additional Applications. Malware is software that can infiltrate and damage your smartphone system.

The cause of malware is often due to the user’s own error downloading pirated applications.

Remove Malware Applications Instantly

Smartphones with an Android system are called vulnerable to Malware.

There is much malware that has attacked the Android system, one of which is Agent Smith, which is able to infiltrate 25 million Android devices worldwide.

However, there are easy tips you can do to avoid getting Malware smartphones without using additional applications.

The method is quite easy but requires more effort for you as a user.

Remove Malware Applications

1. Remove suspicious application

You can go to Settings, then open the application list feature on the mobile.

If there is a suspicious application that you don’t recognize, you better immediately delete the application.

To ensure the application has the potential for malware or not, you can be sure through Playstore first.

2. Use platform tools on PC

Sometimes malware applications can threaten your Android system application.

If that happens, you can try removing it via a PC with platform tools.

Before removing the system application, it is expected that you have confirmed the use and function of the system application on your smartphone.

3. Pay attention to the pop-up notification

For those of you who like to download pirated applications, sudden notifications like that often occur.

If the notification that appears tells you to install the Android security application, it’s better not to be approved.

Because usually, this is actually a malware application that was intentionally made by pirated applications to damage your smartphone system.

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