Samsung Galaxy A20 Review Specs Detail

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Review Samsung Galaxy A20
Review Samsung Galaxy A20

OPTICXCESS – Review Samsung Galaxy A20

Samsung released a lot of smartphones in 2019, one of which is the Galaxy A20.

Through the lines of the Galaxy A series and M series, Samsung feels like it’s trying to present a variety of smartphone models that target different segments. Likewise, the Galaxy A20 is the main attraction for lower-middle-class smartphones that are still dominated by vendors such as Xiaomi, until the newcomers are real.

Review Samsung Galaxy A20

Curious about what the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy A20 are?


Samsung Galaxy A20 comes in full-screen design with notch Infinity-V-shaped water droplets so that the screen bezel becomes thinner even though the chin is still fairly thick.

The screen produces sharp images and has accurate colors thanks to the use of Samsung’s flagship Super AMOLED panel. The resolution is still HD + 1560 x 720 pixels, but it is enough to display detailed images.

Accessing multimedia content such as Youtube streaming on the Galaxy A20 feels more satisfying. The ability of the Super AMOLED screen to provide better images is not to be doubted so that it will enhance the experience of consuming multimedia content, especially video.

This certainly becomes its own advantage because there are still many smartphones in this price range that use IPS screens which, although they also display quality, in my opinion, are not equivalent to Super AMOLED.

This smartphone has offered a USB Type-C port to connect to a charger or other device. Samsung also provides two SIM card slots and a microSD slot for those who need it.

Turning to the back, the Samsung Galaxy A20 comes with a classic design that makes the plastic body look like a layer of glass so it looks more premium. Unfortunately, this makes the fingerprints easily trace on the back.

This smartphone has a fingerprint sensor placed above the Samsung logo. Its position is very fitting with my index finger, making it easier for the process of unlocking the screen or other authentication without having to fill in the password manually.


On the left side of the fingerprint sensor, there are two cameras with a 13MP main lens configuration and a 5MP ultra-wide lens placed vertically along with the LED Flash. The ultra-wide lens has a vision angle of 123 °.

That way users can capture more objects in one frame without having to use panorama mode which is more troublesome. In addition, there is also the Live Focus feature that can produce a blurry or bokeh background so that objects appear more focused.

The rear camera of the Galaxy A20 is able to produce clear and bright photos of insufficient lighting conditions. As shown in the example photo below, the details of the object can be captured properly and clearly, even after zooming.

But in low light conditions, the photo produced looks to have enough noise that can’t be ignored. Even so, the images are still very clear and the luminescence is well isolated.

For selfie needs, Samsung entrusts 8MP resolution cameras embedded in the notch. The ability of this camera is fairly good in its class. It is true that we cannot compete with OPPO or Vivo, but it is very capable to upload to social media.


Manned by the Exynos 7884 Octa-Core chipset with a speed of 1.6 GHz, I can say that the Galaxy A20 is able to run various daily applications smoothly. Moving applications also feels smooth without any obstacles at all.

The combination of 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage is ensured to meet the needs of today’s applications well. There is also a microSD slot support up to 512GB capacity for those who feel more space needs.

This combination makes the Samsung Galaxy A20 capable of meeting the needs of its users in general. This is also reflected in the results of the benchmark trials that have been carried out.

In the AnTuTu application, this smartphone was able to score 94,273 points, beating 26% of other users. Whereas in the Geekbench application, this smartphone scored 1,211 on the Single-Core test and 3,712 on the Multi-Core test.

Take this number far outperforming the Samsung Galaxy M10 if you see it from a trial on a previous review that Our team did. Of course, this also means that the Samsung Galaxy A20 can be used to play games comfortably.

Playing games that need high reaction feels comfortable thanks to the performance provided and the screen that produces sharp images.

This fast performance is also possible thanks to the presence of the latest operating system from Samsung called OneUI based on Android 9 Pie. Compared to its predecessor, this operating system does feel lighter and faster when navigating a smartphone.

OneUI also has various useful features such as Dual Messenger, Game Launcher, and One Hand Mode that can be used to facilitate daily activities. Face Unlock can also be activated as an alternative to unlocking the screen.


Not only good performance, but the Samsung Galaxy A20 also features a 4,000 mAh capacity battery as a source of energy. With a battery that big, this smartphone can be lit for a long time.

Through a test with PCMark for Android that simulates performance loads in general, the Galaxy A20 can last up to 10 hours 15 minutes at a 50% brightness level.

This shows that this smartphone can be used all day without worrying about running out of battery during the day. This durability will certainly decrease when used to play games continuously. For users who are more focused on communication or social media fun, the durability of this smartphone is quite qualified.

To perfect it, Samsung has also embed Fast Charging technology for fast charging. When I tried it, this technology was able to charge 18% to 64% in just 42 minutes. While up to 100% takes longer, which is 2 hours 30 minutes.

But I have experienced several problems with Fast Charging. When charging, the Fast Charging feature is inactive, requiring much longer charging time. Fortunately, I just have to revoke and plug the charger back into the smartphone.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a reliable smartphone used in everyday life. Indeed, nothing really becomes a superiority or a striking innovation on this smartphone compared to the top series of the A-Series family.

Even so, I am quite satisfied with what is offered by the Galaxy A20, starting from the camera, performance, to the battery. Moreover, this smartphone already uses a Super AMOLED panel display which will make the consumption of multimedia content more enjoyable.

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