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Review Samsung Galaxy S10 advantages

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Every year, the flagship smartphone of the Samsung Galaxy S-Series is worth the wait. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is no exception, which this year is more special because it will soon come with 3 variants, namely the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 +, and Samsung Galaxy S10e.

Well, one of the variants that caught the eye is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Want to know what greatness and features the Samsung Galaxy S10 brings?

Check out our reviews and reviews of some of the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S10 below.

Review Samsung Galaxy S10 advantages

Attractive design with a large screen that really spoils the eyes

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is the variant that sits in the middle between the Samsung Galaxy S10e, the cheapest price tag and the Samsung Galaxy S10 + which carries a bigger screen and battery.

Review Samsung Galaxy S10

One positive value of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is its very premium and attractive design. The Samsung Galaxy S10 that we received comes with a prismatic white body that is very beautiful and will look bluish-purple gradations when exposed to light.

We are very satisfied with the Infinity-O screen it carries. The reason is, the screen is very pleasing to the eye with a very bright and very sharp color display. The screen is also more special thanks to HDR 10+ support, reinforced by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 and a fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen.

The performance of the fingerprint sensor is relatively fast to unlock the screen even though it is not as fast as the capacitive fingerprint sensor on smartphones in general. Another security alternative, the Samsung Galaxy S10 also supports face unlock safety features.

Overall with 6.1-inch screen size, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is indeed quite large. But, thanks to its almost bezel-less full-screen design, this smartphone is incredibly compact. This makes it one of the big-screen smartphones that are very handheld and comfortable to use with one hand. Its weight is also very light, which is only about 157 grams.

Even so, you still have to be vigilant because the rear body feels very slippery. To fix this, we highly recommend installing a protective case in the sales package. Thanks to the waterproof body design with an IP68 rating, you don’t have to worry if your Samsung Galaxy S10 gets splashed with water or accidentally falls into the water.

The camera is very satisfying

The camera sector remains one of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy line. We are very satisfied with the triple camera capabilities that the Samsung Galaxy S10 brings. By carrying out telephoto and ultrawide camera configurations, the Samsung Galaxy S10 provides more flexibility for shooting in various scenarios.

In fact, even when we travel we barely remove the camera and only take pictures using the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera. These three cameras are capable of producing photos with natural tonal colors, details and sharpness which are also very good. In addition, the autofocus performance also feels very fast.

Review Samsung Galaxy S10

In low light conditions the camera is still capable of producing sharp photos with excellent noise control.

Especially for shooting at night, Samsung also provides a Night mode, which is currently a trend in the world of smartphone photography.

From our tests the Night Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S10 was satisfactory with the addition of sharpening effects, saturation and contrast which were maintained and did not look excessive.

In addition, there is also a direct focus mode for taking photos with a bokeh effect and the ability to record videos up to 4K resolution which is also satisfying.

This video recording capability is also supported by a stabilizer feature which is very capable of producing smooth and minimal shaking videos, and a slow-mo mode for recording slow motion videos.

Fast performance

Like most flagship smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 also offers very fast performance. Supported by large RAM and a minimalist OneUI interface, this smartphone is able to provide very fast and minimal pauses when using multitasking or playing games.

Storage Samsung Galaxy S10

Then what about the durability of the battery? For normal use, a battery with a capacity of 3400 mAh can still be relied on for the whole day. However, if used intensely for watching videos and taking pictures of the battery, it will indeed be more wasteful.

Still with the battery, on the Samsung Galaxy S10 we also found the Wireless Power Share feature. Thanks to this feature, you can use the Samsung Galaxy S10 to charge other devices that support the wireless charging feature such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Samsung Galaxy Buds.

In addition, the Galaxy S10 is also equipped with 15W fast charging and fast wireless charging 2.0 to shorten the battery charging time. Overall, this phone is quite feasible to be an option.

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