Galaxy A70 Pros and Cons Short Review

Galaxy A70 Pros and Cons Short Review

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OPTICXCESS — Samsung Galaxy A70 Pros and Cons. In early 2019, Samsung has been released its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A70. This smartphone is known to be released together with the Galaxy A60.

Samsung seems to be intensively releasing product variants of the Galaxy A Series to bring premium smartphones to the middle-class market.

Galaxy A70 Pros and Cons Short Review

There is one interesting thing, this Samsung Galaxy A70 will be equipped with advanced technology and various other advantages that are ready to pamper its users, but on the other hand there are also some disadvantages that make this latest Samsung cellphone we can’t say perfect.

But before we review the pros and cons, here are the complete specifications of the Galaxy A70 that you need to know.

Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A70

Galaxy A70 Specs

Samsung Galaxy A70 Pros and Cons

Next, we will discuss what are the pros and cons of the Galaxy A70. If you look at the table of specifications above, it looks like the Galaxy A70 is everyone’s dream phone. The specifications offered are fairly high and very tempting.

But still, every product comes with advantages and disadvantages that might need carefulness to see it. So for those of you who are interested in buying this cellphone, first, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the following Samsung Galaxy A70.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Pros

Fast performance

This phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 Octa-core 2 GHz chipset, with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM variants and 128 GB of internal storage which makes it more optimal in running various heavy applications smoothly.

4500 mAh battery + Fast charging

The second advantage of the Galaxy A70 is a battery capacity of 4500 mAh which can last a long time even during normal use. Plus this smartphone has a 25W Fast Charging feature. So that it can make battery charging take place quickly.

Screen / Display

The next advantage of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is that this smartphone uses a 6.7-inch screen with Full HD + resolution, Super AMOLED technology, and Infinity-U design.

The screen looks more spacious coupled with Super Amoled technology which makes the display clearer. In the bangs section it has been designed with waterdrop technology which makes this smartphone look more sophisticated and contemporary.

Main Camera with 3 lenses

The most unique advantage of the Galaxy A70 is that this smartphone is equipped with 3 main cameras which have a combination of 32 MP primary camera (f / 1.7 aperture) + 5 MP secondary camera (f / 2.2 aperture) for depth + 8 MP tertiary camera (aperture f /2.2) Ultra-wide lens and LED Flash.

So that it can produce photos with good quality. This is also due to artificial intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI) which can detect 20 different scenes to be shown to consumers.

32 MP front camera

The front camera of this cellphone has a resolution of 32 MP with an aperture of f / 2.0 which is capable of producing high quality photos so that it can spoil its users.

For photography matters like the Galaxy A70 this is the winner, a camera with a resolution of 32 MP can certainly produce good bokeh photos. If you have an online business, the Galaxy A70 can also be a good cellphone for product photos.

Face Unlock

The unique advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A70 are the Face Unlock feature. If the finger of this smartphone user is dirty or wet, we can try the Face Unlock feature. Later the faces of the Galaxy A70 users will be immediately scanned by this feature so that with the face alone we can unlock the cellphone.

Fingerprint in the screen

The last advantage of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is the fingerprint on the screen. Not only face unlock, but this smartphone also has an on-screen fingerprint feature.

Following current trends, Samsung has embedded a fingerprint sensor on the screen on the Galaxy A70. Apart from looking more futuristic, this sensor is also able to detect the fingerprints of Galaxy A70 users quickly.

Samsung Galaxy A70 Cons

Fingerprint marks are easy to make

The first drawback of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is a fingerprint smudge that is easy to mark. Even though this smartphone has various advantages, especially in its beautiful and attractive design, fingerprint smudges easily make an impression on the back of this phone so users need to add an additional casing to prevent this so that the Galaxy A70 still looks attractive.

There is no screen protector yet

The next disadvantage of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is that there is no screen protector yet. Although the design of this mobile phone is made very attractive and elegant.

However, this phone doesn’t have a screen protector yet. I don’t know what the cause is, but hopefully Samsung will soon publish a screen protector for this phone.

Not waterproof

The next disadvantage of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is that it doesn’t have a waterproof certification. It is unfortunate if a premium smartphone does not have a waterproof certification. It is possible that Samsung has its own reasons for not equipping this smartphone with a waterproof certification.

There is no AM / FM radio feature

The last disadvantage of the Samsung Galaxy A70 is that it does not have an AM / FM radio feature. It’s a shame that premium class smartphones like the Galaxy A70 don’t have this feature.

It is possible that the Samsung vendor has some considerations so that the AM / FM radio feature is not included in the smartphone.

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