Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come new with S-Pen like tabs

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OPTICXCESS — Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come new with S-Pen like tabs.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is rumored to be present in July later with S-Pen like tablets and also a 120Hz refresh rate.

After presenting two of the screen products of the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung will present the devices in the series.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come home with S-Pen like tabs
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The advanced device was given the name Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 That was once informed will be present but it was wrong.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

This Phone was rumored to be in July, it could have been possible with some rumors coming.

The rumors say Galaxy Fold 2 will come with an S-Pen known to be a tool that is commonly presented with tablets.

In addition, Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is said to have a screen size of 7.59 inches with a resolution of 2213×1689.

The screen is quite wide compared to the first Samsung Galaxy Fold measuring 7.3 inches.

The screen of the Galaxy Fold 2 also adapts the emerging technology to have a 120Hz refresh rate.

Although it has a large enough screen size than before, with the help of the refresh rate can help the user feel the same effect on the screen of Galaxy Fold 2 later.

This Smartphone is famous for having a notch on the left side to accommodate a selfie camera, but it will likely change.

The Galaxy Fold 2 has no notch and is replaced with a selfie camera inside the screen.

However, the camera technology on the screen is still in progress and is not yet known to be pinned or not.

This phone will also have an Ultra-Thin Glass screen on a folded part of the screen like Z Flip.

Although the screen adaptation of Ultra-Thin Glass is still coated with plastic to prevent harm to the user.

The home screen on the previous Galaxy Fold of 4.6 inches was changed to a size of 6.23 inches in Galaxy Fold 2.

In the GSMArena, the screen of the Fold 2 resolution is 819×2267 with a refresh rate of 60Hz and do not forget the camera on the screen too.

Rumors were also shared by Ross Young… Founder and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants.