Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Advantages

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Advantages
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Advantages

OPTICXCESS — Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Advantages

Samsung Electronics has officially held the Galaxy Tab A7 Media Session event which thoroughly explores the main features of the Galaxy Tab A7 mid-range tablet to help productivity from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On this occasion, Samsung Electronics Indonesia invited media partners to use devices that could support work and distance learning activities from home during this new normal period.

Understanding this need, Samsung has presented the Galaxy Tab A7 tablet in Indonesia that can be used by all family members, starting from helping parents multitasking between work and taking care of the household and accompanying children in the distance learning process.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Advantages

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has the advantage of supporting education, productivity, and entertainment for family members.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Advantages

Comfortable Wide Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a 10.4-inch screen with a resolution of 2000 x 1200 pixels, IPS LCD, and a screen-to-body ratio of up to 79%, making it capable of displaying wide and clear content that can provide users comfort when reading various emails from clients or colleagues as well as checking or working on important documents.

Despite the large screen, the Galaxy Tab A7 is still light and thin, so it supports the mobility of its users when working or studying at home. With this flexibility, tablets can be used in a variety of conditions when studying or working at home.

Release Tiredness with Quality Rest

After a day of productivity, Galaxy Tab A7 users can rest while relaxing stiff muscles which will make it more relaxed and enjoyable. For example, following sports, yoga, and meditation tutorials that can be seen clearly through the large screen of this tablet.

Not only that, the combination of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 Octa-Core chipset with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM can make users relax for a moment while playing their favorite games.

There are Quad Speakers on the four sides of the Galaxy Tab A7 plus Dolby Atmos technology, allowing users and their families to enjoy videos and music with a sound that feels more alive.

Accompany Children with Screen Time

Distance learning that is followed by children can not only be a means for education but also an opportunity for parents to get to know their children more deeply. As support for parents to provide safe, educational, and creative digital behavior for their children, Samsung also brings Samsung Kids features to this tablet that can be accessed easily.

Samsung Kids is a digital classroom, where children can play and practice creativity safely. For older children, the Galaxy Tab A7 is also equipped with parental control to monitor and understand the behavior of using tablets by children in detail. Parents can set what applications can be opened and limit the hours of use.

Communicating with Relationships Smoothly

This tablet comes with a front camera capable of displaying HD video so that it can produce visual communication that looks clear and is more familiar when you don’t see video calls with old friends.

While the 7,040mAh capacity battery can make users communicate with other people, relatives, friends, and family for a long time. Even this tablet can also be used for a long time to work on documents, play games, watch videos, or play music.