Samsung Phone With Best Camera in 2018

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The Best Samsung Camera with Camera in 2018

Right now, almost all smartphone developer companies are competing to develop devices that have the best photography capabilities, including Samsung in them.

This is certainly inseparable from the fact that devices targeting the photography sector, including selfies, have a wider market compared to devices that are focused on performance.
If high-performance devices are needed specifically for those who need multitasking, gaming, and running other heavy-duty applications, more general photography devices are needed by anyone, both men and women, young and old, and so on.

Realizing this, Samsung also released several mobile phones equipped with capable photography capabilities. Some of these phones include the following.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A7 is Samsung’s first mobile phone equipped with three main cameras. These three cameras are used to accommodate user needs in taking various kinds of image modes.

In more detail, the three cameras are a 24 MP primary camera for normal shooting, an 8 MP ultrawide camera for taking wider pictures, and a 5 MP depth camera for taking bokeh pictures.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Not satisfied with three cameras, Samsung also presents the Samsung Galaxy A9 with four cameras equipped with a more complete lens combination that can better accommodate the needs of users.

In this recently announced device, Samsung added a 10 MP telephoto lens, which can do optical zoom up to twice so that it can be used to take more detailed pictures even though the object is very far away.

Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 +

As a Samsung flagship device, in addition to offering better performance, Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 + devices are also equipped with a very good camera, both on the software and hardware side.

Both of these devices are equipped with cameras that have a dual aperture so that they can accommodate all shooting conditions, both in bright light and in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Technically, this device does have a hardware configuration similar to the Samsung Galaxy S9 +, from a combination of camera lenses used. However, specifically the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 brings better software.

On the software side, the Galaxy Note 9 device is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that can provide better image processing than those who do not use artificial intelligence systems.