New T-Force Gaming Memory Series from TEAMGROUP

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New T-Force Gaming Memory Series
New T-Force Gaming Memory Series

OPTICXCESS — T-Force Gaming Memory Series Launched By TEAMGROUP

TEAMGROUP has just announced the launch of new specifications for T-Force Gaming Memory products with high clockspeed values ​​of up to 5600 Mhz and coincides with the launch of Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors: T-FORCE XTREEM DDR4, XTREEM ARGB DDR4, and XTREEM ARGB WHITE DDR4.

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Manufacturers claim that this new memory option when paired with the latest Z590 motherboard, users will experience high speeds and top performance that will satisfy overclocking enthusiasts and gamers around the world.

T-Force Gaming Memory

The T-FORCE R&D team continues to push clock speeds to higher heights and has successfully launched new 5600 MHz, 5333 MHz, and 5066 MHz DDR4 memory modules to pair with the latest Z590 motherboards and Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors.

Under the XTREEM product line, T-FORCE released a DDR4 memory kit with a clock rate of 5600 MHz and a capacity of 16 GB (8 GB x 2) for the best overclocking performance. At the same time, T-FORCE released the updated XTREEM / XTREEM ARGB / XTREEM ARGB WHITE DDR4 models with speeds of 5333 MHz and 5066 MHz and a 16 GB (8 GB x 2) kit to meet various overlocker needs.

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Apart from providing high overclocking speeds, T-FORCE also places great importance on product compatibility. DDR4 memory modules with speeds in excess of 5000 MHz are compatible with Z590 motherboards from various manufacturers and Intel 11th Gen Rocket Lake processors, offering extreme speeds to consumers around the world.