Best Tanks Mobile Legends Games

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Best Tanks Mobile Legends
Best Tanks Mobile Legends

OPTICXCESS — Best Tanks Mobile Legends Games – “Who wants to be a tank?” This is the most talked-about this every time you play Mobile Legends. Playing MOBA games like Mobile Legends is not arbitrary.

In this popular game, you need a strategy and skill that is qualified so you can win every match. In Line-Up when playing Mobile Legends, the role of hero Tank is very vital.

The Best Tanks for Mobile Legends Games

Without Hero Tank, Carry heroes such as Assassin, Mage, and Marksman (whose blood is soft) will find it difficult to build attacks or start War because there is no hero capable of holding off damage from the enemy.

Tanks, these unsung heroes are often underestimated. When winning is forgotten, when you lose it is wronged. Though Tank is one of the mandatory roles that exist in a team.

Well, in this article I will give recommendations on some of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends 2019, which are still Over Power and miss enemies.

Here is a list of the Best Tanks for Mobile Legends Games

The Best Tanks for Mobile Legends Games


The name of the stone must be hard. That’s the Grock. This hero tank has quite a lot of damage on the 1st skill. Moreover, the passive skill possessed by the best tank hero can make it very strong if it is near the wall.

In accordance with its appearance like a walking castle, Grock skill number 2 can make a wall that can block the opponent’s path to escape. The skill that is owned by Grock is most suitable when combined with a hero who relies on the wall, such as Moskov and Fanny.

While the Ultimate Grock can make it crash towards the enemy and can make enemies bounce up, Grock 3’s damage skill is quite painful when combined with his 2 skills.

In yesterday’s MPL tournament, Grock was used more than 35 times, so it would be appropriate if this hero was in the best Hero Tank category.


Lolita is a tank hero and support hero. This is because the skills they have Crowd Control and Push Tower capabilities. His passive skill, Noumenon Energy Core, made Lolita able to give Shield to all friends on the team.

I entered Lolita in number 4 of the best tank heroes in Mobile Legends because this hero is a tank hero who has the largest regen HP after Uranus and Minotaur. In addition, the ultimate skill can reverse the situation during the War or Team Fight.

The first skill of this hero is perfect for ganking or locking the hero Carry of the enemy to get stunned and unable to escape.

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With Skill number 2, Lolita will make a shield that can protect friends from projectile attacks from the enemy. When playing in draft pick mode, this hero is also often used, especially on Legend-Mythic tiers.


In the previous patch version 1.2.30, Moonton has officially released a Tank / Magic Hero type regen/poke specialist. Heroes with abilities that can support this team deserve to be a mainstay on the front lines of your team.

With his thick blood and passive skills, Hylos became a tank hero that was difficult to kill. Moreover, the Hylos 1 skill has a stun that can be useful when ganking and team fight.

Hylos’s Skill 2 can deal damage to nearby enemies. Skill 2 can provide a stack, the more, the greater the debuff effect and damage received by the enemy. But it must be remembered, Hylos 2 skill will spend where if it continues to be active, then it is wise to use the 2 skills.

On the other hand, the ultimate skill of Hylos can open a path, if the enemy is hit by this path then their movement will slow down. This 3 skill can also be used to start a war or save a dying friend.


The next best Hero Tank is Akai. Yes, this fat panda is a tank that is most often kicked and banned in draft pick mode. His skills have high Crowd Control capabilities and are very useful in the team fight.

That’s why Akai is often used during important tournaments like the MPL yesterday. With high defense capabilities and skills that are suitable for starting War, Akai deserves to be the choice to play Ranked. On average if there are pro-Akai players on the team, chances are that your team will win.

What’s more, this Akai has strong passive skills and the 1 skill that can be used for Open War runs away from the enemy’s pursuit. The ultimate skill is the key to this hero.

Skill 3 or ultimate make Akai able to rummage through enemy formation, kidnap enemy heroes and also be able to disable enemy heroes if pressed against the wall.


Now, this is my best favorite hero tank. A hero who likes Transformers, who else if not Johnson. The hero who can change to this car is a banned subscription in Draft Pick mode. Even in most tournaments, I didn’t even have time to use this best tank hero because it was always banned or taken by the enemy first.

Why is Johnson so calculated? The ability that Johnson has is very over-power in my opinion, even though I have experienced several times.

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This hero has thick shield and Crowd Control abilities and a pretty horrible initiator. When Johnson’s blood is below 30%, he will issue a shield the size of the armor he has for 10 seconds.

The most important ability of this tank hero is his ultimate skill. Johnson can transform into a car. This is the key to Johnson’s hero.

When you become a car, Johnson can carry 1 friend. This 3 skill is also useful as an initiator in open war. You can also walk around the map and also be able to surprise your opponent if you get hit by Johnson.

When using Johnson, make sure your connection is stable, ping is small and doesn’t lag. Because if it lags, then when driving the car will be broken and uncomfortable. therefore, you can read how to overcome the lag in Mobile Legends to be smooth when playing and not broken.

Now that’s the list of the best Mobile Legends hero tanks in 2021. In the next few seasons, the hero of the tank above is still in demand and should be taken into account.