Playing PUBG Like a Pro Player Best Tips

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Playing PUBG Like a Pro Player Best Tips

OPTICXCESSTips for Playing PUBG Like the Pro Player

Today we want to show some Tips on Playing PUBG Like the Pro Player. In order for the game to increase, then we need to imitate a pro player to play. It is intended that our game which was still noble and erroneous will be corrected starting from how to shoot, defend, make settings, and attack good and right. Well, as for the Tips for Playing PUBG As Pro Player does is as follows:

Tips for Playing PUBG Like a Pro Player

1. Graphic Settings

Tips for Playing PUBG Like a Pro Player

The first PUBG playing tips are, before playing, make sure you know how to arrange graphics. You need to know, that the graphics settings of this game consist of three kinds which are Graphics, Frame Rate, and Style. You must first understand what is the function of these two settings. Graphics are where we adjust the quality of the animated images. The higher we set the settings, the sharper the animation picture.

Then next is the Frame Rate. Frame Rate is the speed of movement or response. The higher we set the Frame Rate, the smoother the movement will be without fear of delay when moving the cursor or opening the scope. The lower the Frame Rate we set, the more it looks broken.

Now the question is, many people only set Graphics on the smooth option or the lowest option. Why so? Because the actual picture quality does not really affect the game but the most decisive is the Frame Rate. So that more people set a higher Frame Rate than Graphics.

Because indeed, Frame Rate is more supportive of success and comfort of play compared to the quality of animation. Because what for an HD image display but when playing the picture is broken or there is a frame. Better ordinary pictures but the response or the image is not broken so that we do not lose fast when doing a duel.

The last option is the style. Our actual style is just to adjust the color. Here we are not too concerned about this because it does not really affect the course of the game. Except among the PUBG players, there are problems with vision in certain colors.

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2. Quick Landing at the Destination Location

Down or Landing quickly from the plane is a must. When there are two squads down at the same place, but they land first in the same location, then they will likely get weapons earlier than us. To overcome this, make sure we have to be faster than your opponent by doing what we know today by going downward. How to get off this is done when the landing point is very close to around 700-1000 M.

Then jump and then dive sharply downward with max speed than direct the body tilted to the destination location by directing the navigation button towards the left-up oblique. Guaranteed, by doing tricks then you and your squad will occupy the destination location earlier than the enemy.

3. Activate the Peek and Fire Options

Peek and Fire or the simple language are to peek and shoot need to be activated. Its function is that we are invisible to the enemy while aiming, then we can simply peek at the enemy in a position to hide the body and only our heads and hands holding weapons are visible.

This is very useful when we want to attack/shoot but we also want to defend. Pro Player is very familiar with this peek and fire function because a beginner will think about how to attack without knowing how to protect themselves when attacking. Peek and fire suitable for use when we are taking refuge in a rock or behind a wall.

4. Take off shoes and clothes

When in the house, if you want your step not heard by the enemy from a distance, then the shoes should be removed. Believe it or not, this will reduce the volume of footsteps when we are close to the enemy so that the enemy will not be aware of our presence. So also with clothes, if we enter the top 10 of the match or at the end of the match, then the clothes should be taken off with the aim that the clothes worn will not make us caught by the enemy because some clothes have a striking color with the color of the ground and grass so it will look contrast and can be known to the enemy quickly.