Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Mode

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Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Mode

OPTICXCESS — Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Mode

PUBG Mobile has made an update to Payload 2.0 mode by bringing some refreshments ranging from gameplay, vehicles, to weapons.

Payload mode is a feature that is still warm because it was originally launched in October 2019 last year. This mode can be found in the menu option at the top of the Start Game button.

Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile

There, players can access it via the EvoGround menu option which is right under the Arcade mode or what is known as Battle Royal mode. Payload 2.0 can be played by downloading the update data first, which has a capacity of up to 14.7MB.

The map used in the Payload 2.0 mode is Erangel. In addition, players will also be presented with new gameplay in the form of secret rooms and headquarters. If players find a secret room in the form of a safe, they will find a lot of supplies in it.

Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile

Includes rare items such as UAV Control Terminals, Anti-Bomb Clothing, and Quadruple rocket launchers. In order for nosa to open the safe door, players need to use a Super Weapon. Meanwhile a new base will appear after the start of each battle.

Item & Weapons

At this base, you can find powerful equipment such as Super Weapons and armed AH6 Helicopters. You can also find Super Weapon Chests to experience the power of Super Weapons and use the Communication Tower to revive fallen teammates.

In addition, you will also get some of the latest armed vehicles including Buggy, an amphibious vehicle, an armed Dacia, a vehicle equipped with rocket launchers and flamethrowers, UAZ jeeps, helicopters, and armed pickups.


There are also new weapons ranging from the M202 Quadruple RPG and the AT4-A Laser Missile as well as new items such as UAV Control Terminals, Bomb Suits, and Man-Portable Radar.

Along with the presence of Payload 2.0 Mode, PUBG Mobile also provides tips on playing in this mode.

Tips for Playing PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Mode

The first thing you have to do is find the position of the helicopter. This vehicle will facilitate the movement of players on the Payload map and can also monitor enemies from above.

The second step immediately opens the Supply Box because it contains all the needs for combat. The player’s task is to find this box and be careful with enemies who also want a Supply Box.

In the third step, use the Drone to monitor the enemy. Not only can it be used for monitoring, but the drone is also capable of shooting at least 8 bullets at the enemy and producing a pretty strong explosion to defeat a team.

The fourth step immediately brings the card that you can take from them to the revive tower if your friend dies by the enemy. Players can see the position of the revive tower on the map with a blue dot.

In the final step, you can use heavy weapons to destroy vehicles in Payload modes such as grenade launchers, RPGs, and others.