Track Lost Android Phone With IMEI

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Track Lost Android Phone
Track Lost Android Phone

OPTICXCESS — Track Lost Android Phone With IMEI

Tracking a lost Android cellphone with an IMEI number is always an interesting topic to discuss because there are still many who don’t know how this tracking technique actually works.

IMEI can indeed be used to identify cellphones, but to track a lost cellphone with IMEI is not an easy matter that can only be done by simply clicking, clicking or copying the IMEI number to a site or application.

If carelessly later we can even get stuck on a scam site or application, so at least it will waste our time on useless things.

To make it easier to understand, the first thing we should know is what IMEI actually is and what does it do. Why can IMEI be used to track cellphones and how.

What is IMEI?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity which is a series of unique numbers (15 digits) that are useful for identifying devices on a network.

We can also get information about the cellphone model, year of release, and specifications via this IMEI number. You do this by entering the IMEI number into the IMEI identifier site or application.

Just try to practice, copy the following IMEI number:

354678062296467 Or you can use your own phone IMEI

Then paste it into the site:

Fill in the captcha click CHECK. Later, detailed information about the cellphone model, release date, and specifications will come out.

To see the IMEI number on an android cellphone, the method is very easy, we just need to press the code * # 06 # then click the dial button, later information will come out about the IMEI number on our cellphone.

IMEI function in tracking lost cellphones

Cellular operators are one of the parties that use IMEI to identify cellphones. Mobile operators can block cellphones on their network based on this IMEI number.

After being blocked by the network, we will no longer be able to enter the network even though we have changed SIM numbers because the IMEI is permanent.

When needed, mobile operators can also perform location tracking by utilizing the IMEI to accurately identify the device.

Pay attention to the sentence that I thickened above, that’s the function of IMEI in tracking lost cellphones.

IMEI functions only to identify the device, not to determine the location. Because in the IMEI itself there is no information about the existence of the device at all.

So if there is a site or application that claims to be able to track the whereabouts of a lost cellphone just by copying and pasting the IMEI number it is certain that it is a lie.

So it’s better not to easily trust sites or applications like that. One-one, our personal data will be stolen or we will be caught in fraud.

How to Track Lost Android Phone with IMEI

Tracking a lost android cellphone using the IMEI is not easy and cheap. To track a cellphone with IMEI we need access to several BTS towers that are connected to the cellphone at the same time.

Track Lost Android Phone With IMEI

The tracking technique commonly used to track cellphones with IMEI is the BTS triangulation technique. It is called triangulation because it requires at least 3 BTS connected to the cellphone to get a more accurate location.

Track Lost Android Phone With IMEI

BTS stands for Base Transceiver Station or we often call it a signal tower. Each cellular operator has its own BTS, its function is to connect our cellphone to the cellular network of the provider we use.

Tracking can only be done if the cellphone is still on, what if the cellphone is off? Of course you can’t, because the cellphone that died couldn’t transmit any signal.

Before conducting tracking using BTS triangulation, the tracker requires sensitive data such as a cellphone number or IMEI to identify the device and LAC and CID which are useful for determining the search area.

This data is always sent by our cellphones whenever connected to a BTS tower, so the party holding this data is the cellular operator. This data is confidential, the operator will not give it to the public or people who do not have the authority.

After that, the tracker will use the 3 closest BTS towers which are simultaneously connected to the cellphone that you want to track.

Each BTS tower is used to detect the distance between the cellphone to the tower by calculating the time it takes for the signal from the cellphone to the tower, and by using 3 towers the approximate location will be more accurate.

Look at the following picture to understand it:

Track Lost Android Phone With IMEI

The location obtained from this technique is also not 100% precise, the tracker still has to specify a search range. Still more accurate Google Maps which uses GPS if the signal is good.

So is it possible to track cellphones with IMEI?

Technically you can. But the process is complicated and the cost is expensive. Tracking a cellphone with IMEI will not be done unless it has a high urgency value if only because someone loses a cellphone I don’t think the cellular operator wants to be bothered.

Tracking a cellphone with IMEI also cannot be done by ordinary people because it requires access to the BTS tower. So just forget about your idea of ​​tracking a lost cellphone with the IMEI because we won’t be able to do it. Likewise, sites or applications that claim to be able to track cellphones just by copying and pasting the IMEI, are definitely lies.

An easier way to Track Lost Android Phone

After knowing that tracking cellphones with IMEI is not for ordinary people, then we better choose another option that is easier. Currently tracking a lost cellphone can be done easily, here are some tutorials that have been posted before:

At this point, my sharing was on this occasion. Hopefully the benefits can be taken.