Unlock Password Rar, 7z, Gzip, Zip, with CMD New

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Unlock Password Rar
Unlock Password Rar

OPTICXCESS — Unlock Password Rar, 7z, Gzip, Zip, with CMD

One of the best applications for archiving files is 7zip which is a free open-source application that anyone can use. We can use this application to archive or extract files in Rar, 7z, Gzip, Zip formats.

When archiving sensitive files such as important documents, personal photos, or other files that we don’t want others to open, we will add a password to our archive files.

Unlock Password Rar

The problem arises when we forget the password, the Rar, 7z, Gzip, or Zip file that we created earlier cannot be opened. It’s still fortunate that the original file is still there, but if the original file has been deleted and all we have is the file in an archive format, this will certainly be a problem.

Then how do you open the password for the Rar, 7z, Gzip, Zip files that we forgot the password for? Can we open it via CMD?

Fortunately, now there is an application called 7zcracker which is made specifically to solve this problem of forgetting passwords. This application can open passwords for Rar, 7z, Gzip, and Zip files via CMD.

How to Unlock Password Rar, 7z, Gzip, Zip, with CMD

Immediately, we try to open (crack) an archive file that has been protected with a password, this time we will use a file with Zip format but it can also work in Rar format.

First download these two applications:

Download 7zcracker

Download the 7zip CMD Tool

Follow the steps below to open Zip and Rar files with CMD via the 7zcracker application:

Download the two application files on the link above

Just download the zip and rar password opener application from the link given above.

Extract the 7zcracker.zip file

Extract the 7za910.zip file > open the folder > copy the file called 7za.exe > ​​paste it into the 7zcracker folder.

In order for this to work, the 7zcracker.exe application requires an application called 7za.exe. Copy this file and paste it into the 7zcracker folder

Copy-paste the zip file that you want to open into the 7zcracker folder.

Copy and paste the zip or RAR file you want to open. So in the 7zcracker folder, there are files like this:

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Run the 7zcracker.exe program > type the name of the zip file you want to open > press enter > press enter again.

The extract will appear in a folder called est in the 7zcracker folder.

The files in the zip folder will be extracted to the 7zcracker > est directory. Try checking the files one by one. Hopefully, all files are in good condition.


  • How to open zip and RAR passwords may not always be 100% successful, sometimes the extracted files become corrupt and can’t be opened, sometimes they are just empty files.
  • Encrypted zip and RAR files cannot be opened in this way, they must be decrypted first.
  • The more complex the password is, the less likely it is to succeed.
  • This method can be used on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

That’s the article this time about how to open zip files, RAR, gzip, 7z, or other archive files for which we forgot the password. Good luck.