Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

Game PUBG Mobile

OPTICXCESS — Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile. List from biggest damage to less one.

One of the most decisive factors in the PUBG Mobile game is the weapons we use. The greater the damage, the faster the enemies we shoot back to the lobby. But unfortunately, not all weapons in PUBG Mobile have great damage, there are variations between the damage, recoil, and firing rates that we have to adjust to the distance of the battle and the number of enemies we face.

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

In this post, We will focus on discussing the strongest weapons in PUBG Mobile that have the most damage to the lowest, and which are the best weapons to use for each battle. The data in this post has been updated for this 6 year [year] season.

We will only use 3 parameters to perform the comparison:

Damage: The damage done by each bullet that is shot.
Firing Rate: The time it takes to shoot the next bullet.
DPS: Damage per second, or damage generated per second.

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

1. AR Weapons (Assault Rifles)

AR is the best weapon for close to medium range combat. We can use ADS (red dot) for melee duels and scope x3 or x4 for medium range combat. To make it more comfortable to use, we also have to choose the right attachment, the more complete the better.

The following is the sequence of AR weapon damage in PUBG Mobile from the largest to the smallest:

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

You can see in the table above, the AR weapon with the most damage in PUBG Mobile is DP-28. But this weapon has a low firing rate, the time it takes between bullets to fire is around 0.109 seconds, we can be sure that it will feel heavy when used for spraying.

We can find this weapon on Map Erangel, most often carried by BOT. Back to the comparison of the damage and firing rate which is less than perfect, this weapon is not arguably the strongest AR weapon because of the fact that this weapon is no better to use than M4 or Scar-L

So what AR weapon is the strongest in PUBG Mobile ???

The strongest AR weapon is Groza. This can be seen from the comparison of its perfect damage and firing rate. Groza has 49 damage with a firing rate of only 0.08, making it a weapon that can do enormous damage in a short time, which is 613 damage per second!

But Groza’s weakness is in his insane recoil, if you can’t control it, it’s very difficult to shoot enemies at medium range with this rifle. In my opinion, the best AR rifle in PUBG Mobile is the G36C because it has ideal damage and firing rates, and a small recoil so it is very stable when shooting.

2. DMR Weapon (Designated Marksman Rifle)

For medium range battles, especially when playing on large maps like Erangel or Miramar, we will definitely always need a DMR weapon. This DMR rifle is very effective for battles at a distance of 250–600 meters.

Some DMR weapons in PUBG Mobile can also be used for close combat, such as the MK14 which has enormous damage and can be set to full-automatic mode, making it very deadly if we spray it on the enemy.

The following is a sequence of DMR weapon damage in PUBG Mobile from largest to smallest:

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

You can see for yourself, the DMR weapon in PUBG Mobile with the most damage is MK14. This weapon has the highest damage, namely 61 with a firing rate of only 0.09 seconds, so the damage generated every second is 678.

So it cannot be denied that MK14 is the sickest weapon in PUBG Mobile. If you get this weapon from airdrop, my advice is to just pair it with a red dot or holo sight and make it look like AR. This weapon is really good for rioting because with 2-3 bullets the enemy will definitely be knocked out.

3. Sniper

Talking about the strongest Sniper in PUBG Mobile with the greatest damage, you will immediately remember AWM. This weapon that can only be obtained from the air drop supply (crate) is indeed coveted by all players.

The following is the sequence of sniper damage in PUBG Mobile from the largest to the smallest:

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

Yep, that’s right, AWM is the sickest sniper in PUBG Mobile and is unmatched in terms of damage until season 6 in 2019. But if you don’t get AWM, there are still other snipers who have enough damage to make a knockout with 1 bullet to the head.

4. SMG (Submachine Gun)

Especially for melee duels, this type of SMG weapon is very suitable for use. SMG has a super-fast firing rate so we can fire lots of bullets in a short time. Even though the damage from SMG weapons is generally not too big, this weapon is still deadly at close range.

The recommended SMG is the Uzi, especially if you get off in a crowded place with enemies hanging around us. Every time you bump into Uzi you can always be relied on to win the duel, because we just have to pull the trigger and then let the Uzi vomit all the bullets. Don’t forget to pair it with the extended magz so that the number of bullets is more.

The following is a sequence of damage to SMG weapons in PUBG Mobile from the strongest to the smallest, the data has been updated for the new season 2019:

Weapon Damage in PUBG Mobile

You see in the table above, if we rely only on damage then Tommy Gun is the strongest SMG weapon with the most damage in PUBG Mobile. However, we cannot say that Tommy Gun is the strongest because he has a slow firing rate.

SMG with the best combination of damage and firing rate is Vector, this weapon has 34 damage with a firing rate of only 0.055 seconds so Vector can produce 624 damage in 1 second. You might feel that when you shoot an enemy with a vector, they will definitely die very quickly, not even 1 second has been knocked out.

But Vector’s weakness is in its small magazine size, without extended this weapon only has 13 bullets, just one press of the trigger runs out even though our shot missed, as a result we lost the duel. So the accuracy of aiming is crucial when using this SMG Vector.

So what are the best SMG weapons in PUBG Mobile? If in my opinion Uzi is the strongest SMG, why?

The Uzi does have the smallest damage among other SMS, but its firing rate and magazine size are ideal for close-range duels. Uzi can produce 542 damage in 1 second, number 2 strongest after Vector. With the number of bullets 35 rounds after being installed with the extended magz, Uzi will certainly be superior and the sickest.

5. Pistol

When you descend together with the enemy at the same point, then you will definitely take whatever weapons you find. In these conditions getting the strongest pistol could be a fortune. We have to shoot the enemy as fast as possible with that gun before he gets a better weapon.

Maybe the function of the gun in PUBG is only for conditions like the one above, We rarely find a pro player who uses a gun until the end of the game unless he is doing a challenge.

The following is the order of the best gun damage in PUBG Mobile from the sickest to the lowest:

Pistol Weapon

If we look at the amount of damage, the Sawed-off is the strongest weapon in the pistol class. But unfortunately this Sawed-off only has 2 bullets (shell) and is more like a shotgun than a gun. The time to reload the bullets is also very slow, if we miss 2 shots then we will most likely lose the duel.

My best favorite pistol in PUBG Mobile is P1911, this gun has damage in 4th place with only 41 damage. But this gun is superior in terms of the number of bullets which can be 12 points thanks to the help of an extended magazine.

For a close-range duel, the strongest pistol in PUBG Mobile you can use is the P18C because it has a full-automatic mode with a very fast firing rate. This gun can produce 383 damage in 1 second.

6. Melee Weapon

The last type of weapon is the Melee Weapon. This weapon is arguably just a complement, usually used early in the game when we and the enemy both haven’t gotten a rifle. Often also used to bully knocked-down enemies.

Weapons from the type of Melee Weapon that are strongest in PUBG Mobile when viewed from their damage are Crosbows and Pan. You can see it in this table:

Melee Weapon

Each type of weapon above, from AR, Sniper, SMG, Pistol, to Melee Weapon, has its advantages and disadvantages, you must know the right conditions and time to use them. If you have mastered it, then winning the duel will be very easy.

Okay, that’s the order of the strongest and best weapons in PUBG Mobile based on the amount of damage they have. We will continue to update this post in the future following updates from Tencent Games.

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