WOW!! AnTuTu Score Sony Xperia XZ4 at 390 Thousand Points

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WOW!! AnTuTu Score Sony Xperia XZ4 at 390 Thousand Points

Although its popularity continues to decline in the world, but Sony Mobile is still eager to launch the device in 2019. This is evident from the AnTuTu score leak from the Xperia XZ4 which will be present this year.

From the leak that appears, it can be seen that the Sony Xperia XZ4 has an AnTuTu score which reaches 395,721 points higher than the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, iPhone XS, and Huawei Mate 20.

This can happen because the Sony Xperia XZ4 will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core chipset with 7nm process technology that is more efficient than Snapdragon 845 with 10nm process technology.

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Previously, the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT with Snapdragon 855 Octa-core and 12GB RAM managed to get a score of 368,480 points. Most likely the Sony is able to improve the performance of this chipset to the maximum.

Meanwhile, the Apple A12 Bionic Hexa-core chipset owned by the iPhone XS and the Kirin 980 Octa-core which is embedded in the Huawei Mate 20 is still inferior to Snapdragon 855. Although both use 7nm process technology.

Of course, if the leaks about the performance of the Xperia XZ4 are true, then the potential of this Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Octa-core chipset can be even higher. You can even get a score of more than 400 thousand points.

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Turning to design, this Xperia XZ4 will have a more elongated body than the XZ3. Of course, with a full screen wider, thinner bezel, and without any points at all.

But the two front cameras and notification LED lights will be at the top of the front. At the back will have 3 main cameras while following the trend that is currently being popular complete with two LED-Flash.

While at the bottom there are speaker holes, audio jack ports, and USB Type-C ports. Turning to the right edge, the volume, power and fingerprint sensors are pinned vertically.

For this reason, for Gadgets who are still curious about this Xperia XZ4, they can wait until the leak is circulated on the internet again. According to Gadgeter, will this Sony smartphone sell well later?