Z490 AQUA Announced as the Latest ASRock Mobo

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OPTICXCESS — Z490 AQUA Announced as the Latest ASRock Mobo

If you want something special for the Z490 motherboard, ASRock has a choice of excitement, namely the Z490 AQUA. Between design and lots of great support for perfecting the performance of the latest Intel 10th gen processor is one of its superior values. In fact, to keep the value special, producers limit production to only 999 units.

ASRock itself said that the Z490 AQUA is here to provide gamers and users who are hungry for power. By using 16 Phase 90 A Dr.MOS & 2 ounces of the latest copper PCB, this motherboard provides VRM efficiency up to 95%. To keep VRM and 10-core processors cool even during heavy loads that are sustained.

Z490 AQUA Announced as the Latest ASRock Mobo

In addition, the Z490 AQUA has a sophisticated water-cooling system where it can reduce heat on the CPU VRM significantly so that the temperature can remain ideal to pass even in very heavy loads.

Decorated in a matte black finish, the Z490 complements what modern gamers want in a high-end PC Rig. Moreover, it has a simple and smooth edge wrapped in a metal shield that features dynamic and techno LED lighting, including representing a mod PC. fan.

With the slogan “Be Aqua, Be Cool“, ASRock highlights the determination to be at the forefront in the production of fluid-based gaming motherboards, including PCIe 4.0 ready support, which means it is ready to provide PCI-Express Gen-4 support. Manufacturers have even uniquely added an external base clock generator, PCIe 4.0 components such as additional slots and M.2 sockets.

Z490 AQUA Announced as the Latest ASRock Mobo

Z490 AQUA Z490 also has a special value with the presence of a bright and prominent built-in OLED display on the motherboard, including providing benefits for users to get status reports about CPU voltage, temperature, system fan speed, system status, and POST status. Colorful green, white and blue colors are also claimed to reflect designs that are far more authoritative for users.

This motherboard also provides super fast connectivity including a reversible Intel Thunderbolt USB Type-C interface that provides fast bandwidth (up to 40 Gb / s), AQUANTIA AQtion 10 Gbps network and the latest WiF i6 (802.11ax) wireless internet connectivity.

As for audio, the Z490 AQUA comes with an onboard ESS9218 DAC option which is also claimed to provide true HiFi audio without distortion, providing clear audio quality, and with 112dB THD + N there is support for higher impedances up to 600ohm using headphones.

Until in the end, the producer gave a high price value at a price of $ 1,099 or around 16 million (before tax). There has been no further announcement regarding availability, but if you are still curious, you can visit the official ASRock website for more details.